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#> Loading required package: xml2

res <- read_html("")

available_modules <- res %>%
  html_node("div.Grid-container[data-category='all']") %>%

# discontinued
discontinued_modules <- res %>%
  html_node("div.Grid-container.Grid-container--discontinued[data-category='all']") %>%

extract_one_cell <- function(x) {
  link <- paste0("", html_attr(x, "href"), "open_source/")
  name <- x %>% html_node("div.Grid-moduleName") %>% html_text()
  title <- x %>% html_node("div.Grid-moduleTitle") %>% html_text()
  list(name = name, title = title, link = link)

df1 <- purrr::map_dfr(available_modules, extract_one_cell)
df1$discontinued <- "no"

df2 <- purrr::map_dfr(discontinued_modules, extract_one_cell)
df2$discontinued <- "yes"

df <- dplyr::bind_rows(df1, df2)
name title link discontinued
Blinds Quad VC-Polarizer no
Branches Dual Bernoulli Gate no
Ears Contact microphone no
Elements Modal synthesizer no
Frames Mixer/keyframer no
Grids Topographic drum sequencer no
Kinks Mingling and mangling no
Links Multiples and mixing no
Marbles Random sampler no
Plaits Macro-oscillator no
Rings Resonator no
Ripples Liquid filter no
Shades Attenuator/offset/mixer no
Shelves EQ filter no
Stages Segment generator no
Streams Dual dynamics gate no
Tides Tidal modulator no
Veils Quad VCA no
Warps Meta-modulator no
Yarns 4-channel MIDI interface no
Braids Macro-oscillator yes
Clouds Texture synthesizer yes
Edges Quad chiptune audio generator yes
Peaks Envelope/LFO/tap LFO/Drum generator yes
Tides Tidal modulator yes

Created on 2019-07-15 by the reprex package (v0.3.0)

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