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flashcart_core DSTT supported chips
Supported Chips using the same standard of command definitons (type A):
Sector Block Addressing = 16KB,8KB,8KB,32KB,64KB,64KB,64KB... (unless otherwise specified)
0x80BF: (29 blocks of 2048 bytes)
0x9B37: AMIC A29L800U
0xA01F: (16K bytes boot block) (Two 16K bytes param blocks) (976K bytes main memory)
0xA31F: (same as above pretty much)
0xA7C2: (8x4K-Word blocks)
0xA8C2: (8x4K-Word blocks)
0xB537: AMIC A29L400U
0xC31F: (8x4K-Word Blocks) (Writing slightly differs: see page 13 (uses AAA instead of 2AA?))
0xEF20: (16k bytes boot block)
// Atmel AT49BV1614T-90TC (8x4K-Word Blocks, 16,16,32*)
Different flash commands required (todo):
0x912C: (8x4K-Word Blocks) (RA: X:0xFF) (PW: X:0x10/40 & WA:PD) (ER: X:0x20 & BA:0xD0)
0x922C: (8x4K-Word Blocks) (similar/same to above)
0x9320: (8x4K-Word Blocks) (^)
Unknown datasheets but *SHOULD BE* "supported" Flashchip IDs:
0x49B0: SHARP LH28F160BGHB-BTL (can't find datasheet)
0x9020: ST M28W160(B)T (can't find datasheet)
0x9089: INTEL 28F160B3T (can't find specific datasheet)
0x9120: ST M28W160(B)B (can't find datasheet)
0x9189: INTEL 28F160B3B (can't find specific datasheet)
0x9289: INTEL 28F800B3T (can't find specific datasheet)
0x9389: INTEL 28F800B3B (can't find specific datasheet)
0x9689: INTEL 28F320B3T (can't find specific datasheet)
0x9789: INTEL 28F320B3B (can't find specific datasheet)
Known flashchips that are "unsupported":
0x0B8A "DSTTi :P"
0x4398 "TOSHIBA TC58FVB160A"
0x4920 "ST M29W160BB"
0x5B20 "ST M29W800BT"
0x68B0 "SHARP LH28F160BG(H)-TTL"
0x69B0 "SHARP LH28F160BG(H)-BTL"
0x81BF "SST SST39LF/VF800A"
0x89BF "SST SST39LF/VF200A"
0x902C "MICRON MT28F160A3-T"
0x9220 "ST M28W800BT"
0x932C "MICRON MT28F160C3(4)-B"
0x9489 "INTEL 28F400B3T"
0x9589 "INTEL 28F400B3B"
0xB901 "SPANSION Am29LV400BT"
0xB94A "ESI ES29LV400DT"
0xCE20 "ST M28W160E(C)T"
0xCF20 "ST M28W160E(C)B"
0xD089 "INTEL 28F016B3T"
0xD189 "INTEL 28F016B3B"
0xD289 "INTEL 28F008B3T"
0xD389 "INTEL 28F008B3B"
0xD489 "INTEL 28F004B3T"
0xD520 "ST M29F400BT"
0xD589 "INTEL 28F004B3B"
0xD620 "ST M29F400BB"
0xD689 "INTEL 28F032B3T"
0xD720 "ST M29W800AT"
0xD789 "INTEL 28F032B3B"
0xEE20 "ST M29W400T"

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tonyrayo commented Sep 4, 2017

0x49B0 is missing last two digits to denote speed of chip ("10" and "12", representing 100ns and 120ns are the most common)
0x9020 and 0x9120 have slightly different manufacturer naming.

0x49B0: SHARP LH28F160BGHB-BTL -
0x9020: ST M28W160(B)T -
0x9120: ST M28W160(B)B -

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antiregs commented Sep 10, 2017 my flashcart setup failed ;C


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darkon5 commented Sep 10, 2017

I own an INTEL 28F800B3B but when launching ntrboot_flasher I get the message "Flashcart setup failed". I think that I've previosly updated it with official TTDS software, so it should be flashable.


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Yepi69 commented Sep 11, 2017

It seems mine's not in the list: AMD AM29LV001BT-70EC 0036GBA H

DSTT Flash Checker gives me:
unknown device: 0201ED01
Good!! (^^)v


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rrooij commented Sep 11, 2017


ST M28W160(B)B

Setup failed.


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Lavorther commented Sep 12, 2017

Could someone tell me where they got this DSTT Flash Checker program? I opened my DSTT card but couldn't find the type of chip and googling gave me no results on where to download it.


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Agadroid commented Sep 13, 2017

@Lavorther, they're using this flash checker program:
Start the DsttFlashChecker.nds from the .zip on your DSTT to open the DSTT flash checker program.


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Jvolt7 commented Sep 13, 2017

How and where I can see the chip ID code? DsttFlashChecker does not show this


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Lavorther commented Sep 14, 2017

@Agadroid Thanks a lot, I wasn't able to find it on my own. Running the DSTT Flash Checker tells me I have a SPANSION MBM29LV400BC, so if I understand this list correctly that one should be supported. That's good to know, but I think I'll wait until the ntrboot_flasher supports backup and restore so I can return my DSTT to its original firmware once I am done with it.

@Jvolt7 If you run the flash checker it'll show the chip you have on the second line. I just hit CTRL+F and typed that in here on this page and it gave me the right code that goes with it, since most (if not all) links to the chip documentation include its official name. I would try that first.


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Alserr commented Sep 15, 2017

To me it says:
unknown device : 03003801
Good!! (^^)v

Now thats a fake one or what?

Also I have a R4 Upgrade Revolution, unsupported means its not assured that will work or what? I don't understand how it may work with some chips and not with others that are practically the same :/


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WesleyCh3n commented Sep 15, 2017

0x9389: INTEL 28F800B3B flashcart setup failed :'(


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phaax commented Sep 17, 2017

I seem to have some unlisted variant (DSTT Flash Checker reports it as good). MICRON MT28F160C3(4)-T

Flashcart setup failed.


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jaxrogers2 commented Sep 18, 2017

I used DSTT Flash Checker and got MACRONIX MX29LV400B Good! Interestingly the original DSTT test build of ntrboot flasher worked with this but it's not on this list here at all. I tried using the newest ntrboot flasher but all that did was make the card invisible and unusable. I wasn't able to check whether it actually worked for ntrboot or not though, I just restored my flash back to the test version that worked previously.


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ryuhosuke commented Sep 24, 2017

When i ran the checker it says What is this? I do not know this cart. Does it mean it is not supported?


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eocorekuneho commented Sep 28, 2017

Hello there!
I have a DSTT flashcart, the setup didn't work.
It looks like the official DSTT cart.
The ntrboot log file contains this:
[INFO]: DSTT: Init
[NOTICE]: DSTT: Flashchip ID = 0x333130b2

and the DSTT Flash Checker gave this information:
unknown device: 20504F54


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cookiekiller189 commented Sep 29, 2017

Het guys i flashed ntrboot on te card
That part worked but when i put my card in my new 3ds xl, put a magnet on the sleep sensor and put in the x start select power nothing happens...

Can anyone please help?


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dentnz commented Oct 3, 2017

Like @jaxrodgers2, I too was unable to use the latest ntr flasher to flash a MACRONIX MX29LV400B chip... I just received a DSTT from nds-card today. It has a 'DSTT' label on the front of it that can be removed to reveal the chip inside it. I downgraded the ntr_bootflasher to version 0.2.0 and successfully injected ntrboot. I suspect that there is something going wrong with the latest version of the flasher. It tried both the NDS method AND I have another B9S 3ds that I could run the latest flasher too for the record - neither worked.


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BradleyDS2 commented Oct 4, 2017

Same issue as @dentnz

Both my DSTT cards that can have NTRBOOT injected with the old version freeze on "Reading 99%" on the new version, both b9s 3ds and ds flashers have the same result.


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Maskoton commented Oct 4, 2017

Hi everybody, I used this flashcard: SHARP LH28F160BGHB-BTL, and worked correctly. Just in case someone has the same and is not sure if it'll work or not.


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uphroe commented Oct 5, 2017

same issue as @BradleyDS2, @dentnz, and @jaxrogers2. on MACRONIX MX29LV400B, stuck at 99%


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Anime-knight commented Oct 11, 2017

Get setup failed when I use my flashcart
this is what I get when I use the flash checker
unknown device : 00004904
Good!! (^^)v


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BloodViper commented Nov 16, 2017

Hi, I own 3 TTDS,2 real 1 fake. The Two real ones show the message:

DSTT Flash Checker 0.01

INTEL 28F800B3
Good!! (^^)V

I Used Ctrl+F And Saw my model in the "Unknown datasheets but SHOULD BE "supported" Flashchip IDs" Section. However When Using the "ds_ntrboot_Flasher_dsi.nds" I get The message "Flashcart setup failed". Any body know what I should do? Do I need a certain Firmware? If so Can I Have a link or something? Thanks!


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Aikawakun commented Nov 23, 2017

As @euroeocorekuneho i also had the same info.
Unknown device: 20504F54 any idea what to do?

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