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  • use env variables for broker and S3 endpoint
  • test with local mosquitto broker
  • add SSL as parameter
  • test the stats interface
  • python "opener":
    • test and fix
    • add requirements file in the python directory
  • enhance README:
    • add explanation on how to use use mosquitto as local broker
    • add explanation on how to use mosquitto_pub to send messages
    • remove pub client code from converter and README
    • add aws cli bucket create command, and command to verify that the object was created
    • add info on object naming format
    • add info on the python "opener"


  • build a container image for the "bridge" and test with. and test with standalone local Ceph cluster and osquitto broker
  • test inside k8s/CRC/microshift together with Rook providing the S3 endpoint and the moaquitto operator
  • write a helm chart that configures the "bridge" based on the S3 endpoint and mosquitto broker fetched fetched from their operator
  • hook the stats API to prometheus running in the cluster

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yuvalif commented Dec 21, 2022

PR for adding container/k8s support: doron3199/MQTTToS3#2

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