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@yyolk yyolk/ forked from alexcasalboni/
Created Jul 4, 2018

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Bridge Function between Kinesis Streams and Step Functions

Bridge Function between Kinesis Streams and Step Functions

For each record read from the Kinesis Stream, a StepFunction state machine will be executed asynchronously.

Required Environment Variables

  • region: the AWS region where your StepFunction state machine is defined.
  • stateMachineArn: the ARN of the StepFunction state machine you want to execute.


  • You have to add an updated version of boto3 to your deployment package.
  • You will need a longer timeout, depending on the size of your Kinesis Stream batch.
  • You can connect multiple Kinesis Streams to the same Bridge Function, as long as the state machine is the same.
import os, base64, boto3
sf = boto3.client("stepfunctions", os.environ['region'])
def lambda_handler(event, context):
for record in event['Records']:
payload = base64.b64decode(record['kinesis']['data'])
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