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Created Oct 30, 2017
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Accessibility Indicator and Accessibility Services Preference data review request.

Request for data collection review form

  1. What questions will you answer with this data? The new a11y visual indicator Bug 1383051 informs users when accessibility is enabled. Clicking the indicator takes the users to a SUMO page ( This mitigates risk, by allowing more users who do not require accessibility support to learn that they have third party software (such as spyware) that invokes accessibility support. Users can then turn it off via a new privacy preference Bug 1384567. We would like to know if users click on the indicator button to go to the support page and if the users disable access to Firefox for accessibility services from about:preferences page.

  2. Why does Mozilla need to answer these questions? Are there benefits for users? Do we need this information to address product or business requirements? We would like to measure and establish if the accessibility indicator and the availability of the preference, when inacted by the user, improve overall satisfaction and retention. Disabling accessibility when not needed has positive effect on pefrormance and memory imprint thus we want to verify indicator's effectivness via the Shield Study Bug 1412603 for which we need the above telemetry markers.

  3. What alternative methods did you consider to answer these questions? Why were they not sufficient? Currently the user can disable accessibility if they select that preference in the preference page. We know that few users do that at the moment, while we have about 7% of overall population that have it enabled. Indicator should help with the discoverability of the preference and the support page describing accessibility services. At the moment, there is no way of measuring whether it would be effective or not.

  4. Can current instrumentation answer these questions? Yes

  5. List all proposed measurements and indicate the category of data collection for each measurement, using the Firefox data collection categories on the found on the Mozilla wiki.

Note that the data steward reviewing your request will characterize your data collection based on the highest (and most sensitive) category.

Measurement Description Data Collection Category Tracking Bug #
Recorded on click or SPACE/ENTER keypress event. Boolean stating if the accessibility indicactor button was acted on. Category 2 [Bug 1412358](
Recorded on command event. Boolean stating if the preference checkbox for preventing accessibility from accessing the browser (Privacy & Security) was checked. Category 2 [Bug 1412358](
  1. How long will this data be collected?
    Probes will expire in Firefox 62.

  2. What populations will you measure? Release channel, all countries and locales. The context of Shield Study is to analyse these markers together with other, already existing, a11y telemetry markers for various sample cohorts of users: new and existing, users and non-users of accessibility, among accessibility users group that will see the indicator and the one that will not.

  3. Please provide a general description of how you will analyze this data. All relevant context is scoped by the Shield Study Bug 1412603. We would like to measure if users clicks and accesses the support page via the indicator. Addirionally, if they disable the accessibility services, and if that affects retention and satisfaction. These questions would be applied to the above listed user cohorts.

  4. Where do you intend to share the results of your analysis? This is for internal use mostly. The results will determine if we will ship the accessibility indicator visible and enabled by default to all users.

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