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# If there is no version tag in git this one will be used
VERSION = 0.1.0
# Need to discard STDERR so get path to NULL device
win32 {
NULL_DEVICE = NUL # Windows doesn't have /dev/null but has NUL
} else {
NULL_DEVICE = /dev/null
# Need to call git with manually specified paths to repository
BASE_GIT_COMMAND = git --git-dir $$PWD/.git --work-tree $$PWD
# Trying to get version from git tag / revision
GIT_VERSION = $$system($$BASE_GIT_COMMAND describe --always --tags 2> $$NULL_DEVICE)
# Check if we only have hash without version number
!contains(GIT_VERSION,\d+\.\d+\.\d+) {
# If there is nothing we simply use version defined manually
isEmpty(GIT_VERSION) {
} else { # otherwise construct proper git describe string
GIT_COMMIT_COUNT = $$system($$BASE_GIT_COMMAND rev-list HEAD --count 2> $$NULL_DEVICE)
# Turns describe output like 0.1.5-42-g652c397 into ""
GIT_VERSION ~= s/-/"."
GIT_VERSION ~= s/g/""
# Now we are ready to pass parsed version to Qt
win32 { # On windows version can only be numerical so remove commit hash
VERSION ~= s/\.\d+\.[a-f0-9]{6,}//
# Adding C preprocessor #DEFINE so we can use it in C++ code
# also here we want full version on every system so using GIT_VERSION
# By default Qt only uses major and minor version for Info.plist on Mac.
# This will rewrite Info.plist with full version
macx {
INFO_PLIST_PATH = $$shell_quote($${OUT_PWD}/$${TARGET}.app/Contents/Info.plist)
QMAKE_POST_LINK += /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c \"Set :CFBundleShortVersionString $${VERSION}\" $${INFO_PLIST_PATH}
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