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Music for working, programming, reading, …

…sleeping, meditating, yoga, after hour…. Mostly ambient, drone, (neo-)classical, dub, minimal techno, deep house, micro house, downtempo, slo-mo house, ketapop, schneckno, jetlagdisco, post-rock, lowfi hip hop…

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Please feel free to comment your recommendations.


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bzhr commented Jan 9, 2018

I am a programmer and a DJ. Here are two of my recent mixes that I think are suitable for work/programming. (the tracklist is wrong. Download option is enabled if you go to "More")

I listen to a lot of mixes... you can find stuff that I like at my soundcloud profile
If you listen let me know what you think. Honest feedback is always helpful.


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5hay commented Feb 13, 2019

If you like to listen to Techno-ish music during work, (shameless plug) I've developed a Telegram bot that recommends tracks for you to listen.

It can be found here:


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more-ginger commented Nov 15, 2019

Cannot resist: contributing with 'Music for Plants' the Ambient selections to help you and your plants meditating by Paula Tape from Chile:

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