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Yuxiang Zhang z4yx

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z4yx / git-completion.tcsh
Last active Oct 9, 2021 — forked from apbarrero/git-completion.tcsh
Source this file in your .tcshrc to get git command completion. Original source is but WordPress's WSYIWYG editor messed it up and I cleaned it up.
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# Source this script in tcsh to setup shell completions
# for git. Completions are activated by typing or Control-D
# in the shell after entering a partial command.
# Usage:
# source git-completion.tcsh (e.g. in ~/.cshrc)
# Supported completions:
# git (lists git commands)
# git help (lists git commands)
ip -batch - <<EOF
r add via table users
r add via table users
r add via table users
r add via table users
r add via table users
r add via table users
r add via table users
z4yx / dmesg.log
Created Apr 2, 2021
kernel log of Ubuntu Linux on Mac mini M1
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[ 0.000000] Booting Linux on physical CPU 0x0000000000 [0x611f0221]
[ 0.000000] Linux version 5.11.0-rc4+ ( (aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc (Linaro GCC 7.4-2019.02) 7.4.1 20181213 [linaro-7.4-2019.02 revision 56ec6f6b99cc167ff0c2f8e1a2eed33b1edc85d4], GNU ld (Linaro_Binutils-2019.02) #192 SMP Mon Feb 1 17:40:41 EST 2021
[ 0.000000] Machine model: Mac Mini Late 2020
[ 0.000000] earlycon: apple_uart0 at MMIO 0x0000000235200000 (options '')
[ 0.000000] printk: bootconsole [apple_uart0] enabled
[ 0.000000] [Firmware Bug]: Kernel image misaligned at boot, please fix your bootloader!
[ 0.000000] Zone ranges:
[ 0.000000] DMA [mem 0x000000080134c000-0x00000009db5dffff]
[ 0.000000] DMA32 empty
[ 0.000000] Normal empty
z4yx / u2f_fido2_dissector.lua
Last active Nov 5, 2020
Wireshark protocol decoder for FIDO(U2F) and FIDO2(WebAuthn) over USB HID
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cbor = Dissector.get("cbor")
iso7816 = Dissector.get("iso7816")
ctap_proto = Proto("ctaphid","ctap hid")
-- Field Extractor
direction_fe ="usb.endpoint_address.direction")
udp_srcport_fe ="udp.srcport")
while true; do
while ! ping -c1 $1 &>/dev/null;do
echo "Ping Fail $fails - `date`"
if [[ $fails > 3 ]]; then
echo "Restarting the Wi-Fi connection"
nmcli c down cqtest
l = ['B7','B6','E20','B5','B3','B2','C3','C0','C1','E22','G0','G2','G4','G5','G3','G1','E21','C2','B0','B1','B4']
n = []
path = '/sys/class/gpio'
for io in l:
num = ord(io[0])-ord('A')
num = num*32+int(io[1:])
for num in n:
print('echo %d >%s/export'%(num,path))
print('echo out >%s/gpio%d/direction'%(path,num))
z4yx /
Created May 20, 2020
# SATA SSD free-space TRIM utility, by Mark Lord <>
# Copyright (C) 2009-2010 Mark Lord. All rights reserved.
# Contains hfsplus and ntfs code contributed by Heiko Wegeler <>.
# Package sleuthkit version >=3.1.1 is required for HFS+. Package ntfs-3g and ntfsprogs is required for NTFS.
import sys
import subprocess
import notify2
import dbus
from gi.repository import GLib
from dbus.mainloop.glib import DBusGMainLoop
import yubico
def check(bus, msg):
if msg.get_path() != "/ScreenSaver":
echo "" >>/media/removable/boot/config.txt
echo "enable_uart=1" >>/media/removable/boot/config.txt
touch /media/removable/boot/ssh
cat >/media/removable/boot/wpa_supplicant.conf <<EOF
ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev
View bpf_helpers.h
/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef __BPF_HELPERS_H
#define __BPF_HELPERS_H
/* helper macro to place programs, maps, license in
* different sections in elf_bpf file. Section names
* are interpreted by elf_bpf loader
#define SEC(NAME) __attribute__((section(NAME), used))