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Last active Apr 12, 2022
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Create MAME dummy/empty files for use with RetroArch a
from pathlib import Path
import xmltodict
folder_to_put_clone_files = Path('/path_to/mame_empty_clone_files/')
# dat_file = Path('/path_to/MAME 0.236 (Arcade).dat') #Path to the MAME dat file
dat_file = Path('/path_to/ARCADE 0.236.dat') #Path to the MAME dat file
print('Parsing DAT file')
with open(dat_file,'rb') as fn:
games = [x.get('@name') for x in xmltodict.parse(fn).get('datafile').get('machine') if x.get('@name') and x.get('@cloneof')] #MAME DAT
#games = [x.get('@name') for x in xmltodict.parse(fn).get('datafile').get('game') if x.get('@name') and x.get('@cloneof')] #FBNeo DAT
for gg in games:
folder_to_put_clone_files.joinpath(gg+'.zip').write_text('') #Write dummy file
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