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Instructions to setup external streaming and chatting for streams
// ************** Instructions for connecting to the LiveCoding chatrooms from a 3rd party application. ****************
Step 1a (Ubuntu/ any OS with aptitude (aka apt-get)) :
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:rsrchboy/profanity && sudo apt-get update
apt-get install profanity
Step 1b (OSX w/ homebrew):
$ brew install profanity
Step 2 :
$ profanity
: /connect [username]
: [password]
: /account set [username] muc
: /join [channel-username-to-join] (i.e. "/join unicorn") **
***This will work with any XMPP/Jabber client. (i.e. pidgin, messages (OSX), etc. *****
Generic instructions for any client:
1) set username = [username] (if your client requests the domain then only put your [username] in there and put in the domain field.
2) set the chat server/muc-server setting to ""
3) When asked for a password use your LiveCoding password.
4) Join a chatroom/stream
** You must have visited the channel in your browser from your account before it will let you connect from a 3rd party client.
also /help will give you help and /help [command] will explain a command
p.s. dont mess with any of the chatroom commands it could mess something up
// *************** instructions for getting the LiveCoding video stream from a device other than a browser on a pc *************
** Step 2 will require a computer so you cant do everything from your phone as easy. Im sure theres a way. I just wont be explaining it.
Step 1a (Android, iOS?): Download VLC app.
Step 1b (PC, OSX, etc.): Go to and install the most recent version of VLC for your OS.
Step 2 (All): Go to the Live Stream you want on your other device and view the page source.
Step 3 : search for "rtmp"
Step 4 : copy the url that looks like "rtmp://..........."
Step 5 : Open VLC and click File->Open Network (For Computers), or Menu->Stream (For phones)
Step 6 : Paste the "rtmp://" address from step 4 in the Network address box.
Step 7 : Click Ok/Return/Go and wait a few seconds... the video should start.

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@cpbotha cpbotha commented Jul 25, 2015

I tried connecting to the livecoding jabber server using emacs, but no luck.

It seems that the hostname does not exist anymore. The builth-in web-based XMPP client supports both websockets (the default) to /chat/websocket and bosh to /chat/http-bind

I've tried to connect with emacs jabber.el to ports 443 or 5223 to, but with no success.

Do you have any tips for me?


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@vyorkin vyorkin commented Feb 25, 2016

@cpbotha did you find a solution? I'm new to emacs jabber but I believe I've tried almost anything

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