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Warehouse Picklist Algorithm
from collections import defaultdict
from copy import copy, deepcopy
WHS = {
'ID1' : ['code1', 'code2', 'code3'],
'ID2' : ['code2', 'code5', 'code3'],
'ID3' : ['code6', 'code7', 'code8'],
'ID4' : ['code3', 'code5', 'code6'],
class Node(object):
def __init__(self, prod): = prod
self.whs = []
def add_whs(self, whs, nprod):
self.whs.append((whs, nprod))
def __str__(self, tablvl=1):
st = + "\n"
for name, node in self.whs:
if node:
st += "\t" * tablvl + name + ":"
st += node.__str__(tablvl + 1) + "\n"
return st
paths = []
min_cost = 99999
def find_min_paths(root, rem_prods, p_whs=defaultdict(set)):
global paths, min_cost
if len(p_whs) >= min_cost:
if not rem_prods:
paths.append((len(p_whs), p_whs))
min_cost = len(p_whs)
return paths
if not root:
return paths
rem_prods = copy(rem_prods)
for whs, node in root.whs:
l_whs = deepcopy(p_whs)
find_min_paths(node, rem_prods, l_whs)
return paths
def find_min_path(root, prods):
paths = find_min_paths(root, prods)
paths.sort(key=lambda p: p[0])
return paths[0]
prods = set()
whs = WHS
for w_id, prod_list in whs.items():
prods |= set(prod_list)
def build_tree():
global prods, whs
avail = defaultdict(list)
for prod in prods:
for w_id, prod_list in whs.items():
if prod in prod_list:
def _add_elems(_prods):
if not _prods:
prod = _prods[-1]
_prods = _prods[:-1]
node = Node(prod)
for w_id in avail[prod]:
node.add_whs(w_id, _add_elems(_prods))
return node
return _add_elems(list(prods))
root = build_tree()
print find_min_path(root, prods)
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