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GravityView Entry Revisions - Modify Ignored Fields
* Modify the fields shown for entry revisions for Form #17
* @param array $ignored_keys Array of entry meta keys and field IDs to not display in the diff, for example [ 'id', 'date_updated', '1.2' ].
* @param array $form Gravity Forms form array.
* @returns array $ignored_keys with added fields to ignore.
add_filter( 'gravityview/entry-revisions/diff-ignored-keys', function( $ignored_keys, $form ) {
if ( empty( $form ) ) {
return $ignored_keys;
// Only run this filter for Form #17
if ( 17 !== (int) $form['id'] ) {
return $ignored_keys;
$ignored_keys[] = '1'; // Don't show Field #1
$ignored_keys[] = '2.2'; // Don't show the second input on field #2
return $ignored_keys;
}, 10, 2 );

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@marklamb20 marklamb20 commented Nov 30, 2020

Hey sir, i tried your snippet but it didn't work for me in the frontend.

I change my form id and field id but it did not do anything. Can you please confirm if it works?

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