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zalky/error.log2 Secret

Created Apr 21, 2021
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Clojure git clone error: cannot copy
11:37:54 AM sass.1 | Cloning:
11:37:54 AM sass.1 | git clone --quiet --mirror /Users/zalky/.gitlibs/_repos/
11:37:54 AM server.1 | Cloning:
11:37:54 AM server.1 | git clone --quiet --mirror /Users/zalky/.gitlibs/_repos/
11:37:54 AM server.1 | fatal: cannot copy '/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/share/git-core/templates/info/exclude' to '/Users/zalky/.gitlibs/_repos/': File exists
11:37:54 AM server.1 | Error building classpath. Unable to clone /Users/zalky/.gitlibs/_repos/
[DONE] Killing all processes with signal SIGINT
11:37:54 AM server.1 Exited with exit code null
11:37:58 AM sass.1 | git --git-dir /Users/zalky/.gitlibs/_repos/ rev-parse 712092c62113722cb3e200df321e9193a11c8408^{commit}
11:37:58 AM sass.1 | Checking out: at 712092c62113722cb3e200df321e9193a11c8408
11:37:58 AM sass.1 | git --git-dir /Users/zalky/.gitlibs/_repos/ worktree add --force --detach /Users/zalky/.gitlibs/libs/org.semion/aria/712092c62113722cb3e200df321e9193a11c8408 712092c62113722cb3e200df321e9193a11c8408
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