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(ns com.freiheit.clojure.appengine.appengine-local
[compojure.http routes servlet helpers]
[clojure.contrib def str-utils duck-streams])
[clojure.contrib.logging :as log])
[ LocalTaskQueue]
[ ApiProxyLocalFactory ApiProxyLocalImpl LocalServiceContext LocalServerEnvironment]
[ ApiProxy ApiProxy$Environment]
[ File]
[java.util HashMap]))
;;;; Utility functions for running a Google App Engine application from the REPL.
;;;; This currently works best with compojure.
;;;; To use it just do the following:
;;;; 1) Define your routes for compojure.
;;;; (defroutes app
;;;; (GET "/" ....))
;;;; 2) Define a Google App Engine Server.
;;;; (defgaeserver app-server app)
;;;; 3) Start the server.
;;;; (start-gae-server app-server)
;;;; This setup here uses some conventions.
;;;; - The application will have its working directory based in "/tmp". So if you're
;;;; looking for the generated files like datastore-indexes-auto.xml have a look in
;;;; /tmp/WEB-INF/appengine-generated/.
;;;; - Static files are served from src/web. The subdirectories considered are
;;;; /css, /js, /img, /static.
;;;; Unit testing App Engine.
;;;; This module also provides a deftest-appengine macro that helps you to write unit testing
;;;; code that needs the appengine services.
;;;; Just use it like the regular (deftest ...) macro. It will setup the services before running
;;;; the body of the macro. Every test gets a seperate working directory in /tmp/{name-of-the-test}.
;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; private functions
;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(defvar *default-port* 9090)
(defvar *default-gae-directory* "/tmp")
(defvar *static-file-path* "/src/web/")
(defn- proxy-attributes-hashmap
"Return a map of attributes for the ApiProxy."
(let [attributes (HashMap.)
local-server-url (str "http://localhost:" *default-port*)]
(.put attributes "" local-server-url)
(declare get-base-path)
(defn- get-static-path
"Return the paths for serving static files. Used for local startup."
(str (get-base-path) *static-file-path*))
(defn- serve-static-file
"serves the file and sets the correct content/type."
[path filename]
{:body (serve-file path filename)
:headers {"Content-Type"
(.endsWith filename ".css") "text/css"
(.endsWith filename ".js") "text/javascript"
(.endsWith filename ".gif") "image/gif"
(.endsWith filename ".js") "text/javascript"
true "text/html")}})
(defn- handle-static-files-local
"Return a function to serve the file."
[path filename]
(fn [request] (serve-static-file path filename)))
(defn- static-route
"Define a static router the given url pattern and the path."
[url-pattern path]
(let [full-path (str (get-static-path) path)]
(GET url-pattern
(or (handle-static-files-local full-path (params :*))
;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; public but not needed to be called directly
;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(defn get-base-path
"Return the base path of the current Google App Engine project."
(let [working-directory (.getAbsolutePath (File. "."))
test-paths ["/src/clojure/main.*" "/src/main/clojure.*"]
first-found (first
(fn [found current]
(let [pattern (re-pattern (str "(.*)" current))
found-path (second (first (re-seq pattern working-directory)))]
(if (nil? found-path)
(cons found-path found))))
(if (nil? first-found)
(defn set-gae-system-properties
"Read the appengine-web.xml file, extract and save all system properties defined in this file."
(let [ae-web-xml-path (str (get-base-path) "/src/web/WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml")
ae-web-xml-file (File. ae-web-xml-path)]
(if (and (.exists ae-web-xml-file)
(.canRead ae-web-xml-file))
(doseq [system-property (for [xml-element (xml-seq (clojure.xml/parse ae-web-xml-path))
:when (= (:tag xml-element) :property)]
(:attrs xml-element))]
(System/setProperty (:name system-property) (:value system-property)))
(log/log :error (str "Could not find and load appengine-web.xml file at " ae-web-xml-path)))))
(defn copy-gae-xml-files
"Copy the XML configuration files into the working directory of the application."
(copy-gae-xml-files (get-base-path) *default-gae-directory*))
([basedir target-dir]
(for [[s d] [["/src/web/WEB-INF/queue.xml" "/WEB-INF/queue.xml"]]]
(let [t-file (File. (str target-dir d))]
(.mkdirs (.getParentFile t-file))
(let [src-file (File. (str basedir s))]
(when (.exists src-file)
(copy src-file t-file))))))))
(defn delete-old-generated-files
"Delete the generated files from the appengine working directory."
(doseq [f (.listFiles (File. (str basedir "/WEB-INF/appengine-generated/")))]
(.delete f)))
(defmacro with-app-engine
"Setup the appengine environment for the current thread and execute the given body."
`(with-app-engine env-proxy ~body))
([proxy body]
`(do ( ~proxy)
(defvar env-proxy
(proxy [ApiProxy$Environment] []
(isLoggedIn [] false)
(getRequestNamespace [] "")
(getDefaultNamespace [] "")
(getAttributes [] (proxy-attributes-hashmap))
(getAppId [] "local")))
(defroutes static-routes
(static-route "/css/*" "/css/")
(static-route "/js/*" "/js/")
(static-route "/img/*" "/img/")
(static-route "/static/*" "/static/"))
(def static-servlet (servlet static-routes))
(defn login-aware-proxy
"Returns a proxy for the google apps environment."
(let [email (:email (:session request))]
(proxy [ApiProxy$Environment] []
(isLoggedIn [] (boolean email))
(getAuthDomain [] "")
(getRequestNamespace [] "")
(getDefaultNamespace [] "")
(getAttributes [] (proxy-attributes-hashmap))
(getEmail [] (or email ""))
(isAdmin [] true)
(getAppId [] "local"))))
(defn environment-decorator
"decorates the given application with the app engine services."
(fn [request]
(with-app-engine (login-aware-proxy request)
(application request))))
(defn init-app-engine
"Initialize the app engine services. Needs to be done once for a JVM."
(init-app-engine *default-gae-directory*))
(let [file (File. dir)
local-env (proxy [LocalServerEnvironment] []
(getAppDir [] file)
(getAddress [] "localhost")
(getPort [] *default-port*)
(waitForServerToStart [] nil))
api-proxy (.create (ApiProxyLocalFactory.) local-env)]
(make-parents file)
(ApiProxy/setDelegate api-proxy))))
(defn shutdown-app-engine
"Shutdown the app engine services."
(let [task-queue (.getService (ApiProxy/getDelegate) LocalTaskQueue/PACKAGE)]
(.stop task-queue)
(.stop (ApiProxy/getDelegate))))
;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; public functions
;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(defmacro defgaeserver
"Define a server like compojure's defserver but also setup all routes for static
The given routes are decorated by a function that sets up the appengine service
for the request."
([server-name routes]
`(defgaeserver ~server-name
~routes static-servlet {} "/_ah/*" "/css/*" "/js/*" "/img/*" "/static/*"))
([server-name routes static opts & static-routes]
`(defserver ~server-name
(merge {:port ~*default-port*} ~opts)
~@(interleave static-routes (repeat static))
"/*" (servlet (environment-decorator ~routes)))))
(defn start-gae-server
"starts the application on a jetty with a local google app engine environment."
(start server))
(defmacro deftest-appengine
"Macro for defining tests that need the app engine services."
[test-name body]
(let [namestr (str test-name)]
`(deftest ~test-name
(let [base# (get-base-path)
app-dir# (str "/tmp/gae-tests/" ~namestr)]
(delete-old-generated-files app-dir#)
(copy-gae-xml-files base# app-dir#)
(init-app-engine app-dir#)
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