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Un-blackout Wikipedia methods

#Un-blackout Wikipedia methods.

I'm totally with Wikipedia and support them blacking out the site. These methods work for the technical people out there that still/want access. I hope you use these methods only after contacting congress to help fight SOPA and PIPA.

##AdBlock and NoScript method

Add this option to your AdBlock or NoScript settings. In Google Chrome, you can add a javascript exception in your preferences for this URL as well.


##Bookmarklet method

Borrowed from HackerNews comment:


Another one:

javascript:(function(){document.getElementById("mw-page-base").style.display="block"; document.getElementById("mw-head-base").style.display="block"; document.getElementById("content").style.display="block"; document.getElementById("mw-head").style.display="block"; document.getElementById("mw-panel").style.display="block"; document.getElementById("footer").style.display="block"; document.getElementById("mw-sopaOverlay").style.display="none";})()

##Javascript soup

Various other javascript snippets that all work since JQuery is already loaded into the page.

Method 1 (JQuery brute force):


Method 2 (JQuery and more specific):

$('#mw-page-base, #mw-head-base, #content, #mw-head, #mw-panel, #footer').show();$('#mw-sopaOverlay').hide()

Method 3 (JQuery and very verbose):

$("#mw-page-base, #mw-head-base, #content, #mw-head, #mw-panel, #footer").css("display", "inherit");
$("#mw-sopaOverlay").css("display", "none");

Method 4 (shortest vanilla JS implementation):



  1. Disable javascript in your browser.
  2. Use the mobile site.

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qpleple commented Jan 18, 2012

Or hit escape key before the page is fully loaded.


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FWeinb commented Jan 18, 2012

My shortest jQuery with 'valid' result:

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