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import bpy
from mathutils.geometry import interpolate_bezier
def get_points(spline, clean=True):
knots = spline.bezier_points
if len(knots) < 2:
# verts per segment
r = spline.resolution_u + 1
# segments in spline
segments = len(knots)
if not spline.use_cyclic_u:
segments -= 1
master_point_list = []
for i in range(segments):
inext = (i + 1) % len(knots)
knot1 = knots[i].co
handle1 = knots[i].handle_right
handle2 = knots[inext].handle_left
knot2 = knots[inext].co
bezier = knot1, handle1, handle2, knot2, r
points = interpolate_bezier(*bezier)
# some clean up to remove consecutive doubles, this could be smarter...
if clean:
old = master_point_list
good = [v for i, v in enumerate(old[:-1]) if not old[i] == old[i+1]]
return good
return master_point_list
spline =[0].splines[0]
points = get_points(spline)
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