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@zentrope zentrope/login.cljs
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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(defn- handle-change
[e owner field]
(om/set-state! owner field (value! owner (name field))))
(defn- handle-submit
[state owner]
(om/set-state! owner :error-msg "")
(let [{:keys [user pass]} (om/get-state owner)
creds {:user user :pass pass}
response (chan)]
(net/log-in! response creds)
(take! response (fn [[topic msg]]
(case topic
:login-pass (set-auth! state true user)
:login-fail (om/set-state! owner :error-msg "Unable to auth.")
(defn- login-component
[state owner opts]
(init-state [_]
{:user "" :pass "" :error-msg ""})
;; om/IDidMount
;; (did-mount [_]
;; (focus! owner "user"))
(render-state [_ {:keys [user pass error-msg]}]
(dom/section nil
(dom/h1 nil "Log in")
(dom/table nil
(dom/tr nil
(dom/th nil "account")
(dom/td nil
(dom/input #js {:ref "user" :type "text" :maxsize "50"
:onChange #(handle-change % owner :user)
:value user})))
(dom/tr nil
(dom/th nil "password")
(dom/td nil
(dom/input #js {:ref "pass" :type "password" :maxsize "50"
:onChange #(handle-change % owner :pass)
:value pass}))))
(dom/p nil error-msg)
(dom/div nil
(dom/button #js {:onClick #(handle-submit state owner)} "SIGN IN"))))))

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zentrope commented May 16, 2014

Broken in OM 0.6.1 and above?

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