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@zentrope zentrope/loopy.clj
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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two async loops for pinging a host
(ns cping.core
(:require [ :as shell :refer [sh]]
[clojure.core.async :refer [queue go-loop timeout chan <! put!]]))
(defn- ping!
"Use the shell to ping the given host"
(sh "ping" "-W" "1" "-c" "1" host))
(defn ping-loop!
"Runs a function after waiting 'millis'. Runs forever."
[queue host millis]
(go-loop []
(<! (timeout millis))
(put! queue (ping! host))
(defn ping-handler!
(go-loop [sec 1, good-old 0]
(when-let [result (<! queue)]
(let [{:keys [out exit] :as result} result
good? (zero? exit)
good (if good? (inc good-old) good-old)
last? (= sec 60)]
(print (if good? "#" "."))
(if last?
(println (summarize good))
(recur 1 0))
(recur (inc sec) good))))))
(defn -main
[host & args] ;; not sure if this destructuring works here
(let [hold (promise)
queue (chan)]
(ping-handler! queue)
(ping-loop! queue host 1000)
(System/exit 0)))

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zentrope commented Feb 6, 2014

You could also use (thread ...) rather than (go-loop [] ...) and then use the !! variants for taking and putting to the queues.

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