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Build emacs on macOS

Build emacs on macOS

Build from scratch because most of the packages you use have updated to the nearly-completed next version, so why not pull that?

An alternative is to use home brew HEAD, but this is more fun.


Probably should have Xcode installed, but at least try:

$ xcode-select --install

to get the command line tools. Homebrew will probably insist on this, too. If you see a libxml2 error, this might be way.

Get the Source

Check out the official repo:

$ git clone git://

If you want a branch:

$ git checkout emacs-26

Homebrew for prerequisites

Install this stuff via Homebrew:

$ brew install make automake texinfo gnutls libxml2 imagemagick

Initial make

Add to your path before building:

$ export PATH=/usr/local/opt/texinfo/bin:$PATH

Fish shell version:

$ set -gx PATH /usr/local/opt/texinfo/bin $PATH


$ make configure
$ ./configure --build=x86_64-apple-darwin --without-dbus --with-ns CFLAGS="-I /usr/local/Cellar/libxml2/2.9.7/include/libxml2"
$ gmake install
$ cp -r nextstep/ /Applications

Note the CFLAGS thing above.

gmake is the homebrew installed version of make. Regular make works, too.

Also note, that you probably don't need the -- flags in ./configure. I think they're the defaults.


Fails due to missing LIBXML include

Make sure the include path is viable in the above ./configure command. For instance, after a Homebrew update.

Daily Fetch


$ git fetch
$ git log HEAD..FETCH_HEAD --pretty=format:"%C(auto)%h %C(auto)%d %s (%C(cyan)%aE)" --graph
$ git merge
$ gmake install
$ cp -r nextstep/ /Applications
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