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from hashlib import sha1
class YandexMoheyHash:
Integrity check for Yandex.Money HTTP-notifications
Usage example:
yahash = YandexMoheyHash(request.POST, settings.YANDEX_MONEY_SECRET)
if yahash.check(request.POST['sha1_hash']):
# process invoice
def __init__(self, query, secret):
self.secret = secret
self.hash_str = self.make_hash_str(query)
def make_hash_str(self, query):
hash_str = ''
keys = ['notification_type', 'operation_id', 'amount',
'currency', 'datetime', 'sender', 'codepro', 'label']
for key in keys:
value = query[key]
if key == 'label':
hash_str += self.secret + '&' + value
hash_str += value + '&'
return hash_str
def make(self):
return sha1(bytes(self.hash_str, 'utf-8')).hexdigest()
def check(self, check):
return self.make(query, secret) == check
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