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Skipping database creation when running Django tests
from django.test import TransactionTestCase
from django.test.runner import DiscoverRunner as BaseRunner
except ImportError:
# Django < 1.6 fallback
from django.test.simple import DjangoTestSuiteRunner as BaseRunner
from mock import patch
class NoDatabaseMixin(object):
Test runner mixin which skips the DB setup/teardown
when there are no subclasses of TransactionTestCase to improve the speed
of running the tests.
def build_suite(self, *args, **kwargs):
Check if any of the tests to run subclasses TransactionTestCase.
suite = super(NoDatabaseMixin, self).build_suite(*args, **kwargs)
self._needs_db = any([isinstance(test, TransactionTestCase) for test in suite])
return suite
def setup_databases(self, *args, **kwargs):
Skip test creation if not needed. Ensure that touching the DB raises and
if self._needs_db:
return super(NoDatabaseMixin, self).setup_databases(*args, **kwargs)
if self.verbosity >= 1:
print 'No DB tests detected. Skipping Test DB creation...'
self._db_patch = patch('django.db.backends.util.CursorWrapper')
self._db_mock = self._db_patch.start()
self._db_mock.side_effect = RuntimeError('No testing the database!')
return None
def teardown_databases(self, *args, **kwargs):
Remove cursor patch.
if self._needs_db:
return super(NoDatabaseMixin, self).teardown_databases(*args, **kwargs)
return None
class FastTestRunner(NoDatabaseMixin, BaseRunner):
"""Actual test runner sub-class to make use of the mixin."""
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