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The road so far
Valentin Vago
Grew up in : Montreux, Switzerland
Languages : French (native language)
English, spoken, written
German, spoken, written
Contact :
1997 - 2000 : Technical drawer in architecture
Started working with 3ds Max, ArchiCAD, Photoshop
2000 - 2005 : Studying multimedia conception at EMAF
(école de multimedia et d'art de Fribourg, now eikon) Switzerland
Communication theories, Art history, Graphic & Web design,
Color theories, Typography
Started VJing and wrote my first VJing software
2005 : Traineeship at Mediagonal (now Liip), Fribourg, Switzerland
Worked on Dockbook XML implementation in Bitflux WYSIWYG editor
Gained good skills working with Javascript, XSL, CSS, PHP
Started working on Linux
2005 : Moved to Berlin
2005 - 2006 : (re-)learn German
2006 - 2013 : Freelance web-developer
2013 - 2014 : Frontend developer at
2014 - 2017 : Core UI developer at Camunda services GmbH
2017 : Lecturer at
Skills : Frontend:
------ SCSS / SASS / Less (CSS), Javascript, HTML, Grunt.js, Webpack 2
Bash, Apache2, PHP5, MySQL
Team work:
GIT, SVN, Scrum
Drupal, Wordpress
OSes (in order of preference):
Linux, OSX, Windows
Misc / interests:
- Digital sustainability
- Semantical web (micro data)
- Personal development
- Visual arts
- Creative coding
Some works : SMS surveying tool for researches on alcohol and drugs use
---------- Based on Drupal CMS and Clickatell API
Donation platform based on Drupal CMS
Nitro USA Snowboard
Websites for seasons 2010-2011, 2011-2012, multiple languages,
sub-sites and country specific subdomains
Raiden Bindings
Websites for seasons 2010-2011, 2011-2012
L1 Outerwear
Websites for seasons 2010-2011, 2011-2012
Camunda commons UI
Angular widgets and CSS framework based on Bootstrap
Camunda blog an documentation
Website based on and camunda-commons-ui
Pet projects : Visual Fiha
------------- Open-source, zero install, MIDI enabled, browser based VJing software
- (it is in a early stage though)
Experimenting : Mongoose.js (
------------- Ampersand.js (
Swagger (
Progressive Web App (
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