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Created February 12, 2023 15:39
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bash alias
alias c="clear"
alias zls="clear; ls -lash"
alias zgit="clear; git log --oneline --all --graph; git branch -vva; git status"
alias zpull="git pull origin"
alias zcommit="git add --all; git commit -am"
alias zpush="git push origin"
alias zupdate="git add --all; git commit -am update; git push origin --tags"
alias zdocs="clear; cd $HOME/Documentos"
alias zdown="clear; cd $HOME/Downloads"
alias zrepos="clear; cd $HOME/Documentos/Repositorios"
alias zcd='echo "cd `pwd`" | pbcopy'
alias zssh="ssh root@***.***.***.***"
alias zzsh="ssh *******@vps*****"
alias zjpg='f(){mv "$1" _"$1"; imagemin _"$1" --plugin.mozjpeg.quality="$2" > "$1"; unset -f f; }; f'
alias zpng='f(){ mv "$@" "_$@"; imagemin "_$@" --plugin.pngquant.quality={0.1,0.9} > "$@"; unset -f f; }; f'
alias zdu="clear; du -h . | grep -v "/$" | sort -rh | head -50"
alias zduf="clear; find . -type f -exec du -ah {} + | grep -v "/$" | sort -rh | head -50"
alias zrsa="ssh-add ~/.ssh/*******"
alias znpm="npm config delete registry"
alias zdynpm="aws codeartifact login --tool npm --repository dyn-npm --domain dynamo --domain-owner ******** --profile *******"
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