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Forked from munificent/generate.c
Created Mar 5, 2019
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A random dungeon generator that fits on a business card
#include <time.h> // Robert Nystrom
#include <stdio.h> // @munificentbob
#include <stdlib.h> // for Ginny
#define r return // 2008-2019
#define l(a, b, c, d) for (i y=a;y\
<b; y++) for (int x = c; x < d; x++)
typedef int i;const i H=40;const i W
=80;i m[40][80];i g(i x){r rand()%x;
}void cave(i s){i w=g(10)+5;i h=g(6)
+3;i t=g(W-w-2)+1;i u=g(H-h-2)+1;l(u
-1,u+h+2,t-1 ,t+w+2)if(m[
y][x]=='.' )r;i d=0
;i e,f ;if(!s){l( u-1,u+
h+2,t- 1,t+w+2){i s=x<t ||x>t
+w;i t=y<u|| y> u+h;
if(s ^t&& m[ y]
[x ]=='#' ){d++; if(g (d
) ==0) e=x,f=y; }}if (d
== 0)r; }l(u-1,u +h+2 ,t
-1 ,t+w +2){i s= x< t ||
x> t+w; i t= y<u ||y> u+
h; m[y] [x]= s &&t? '!'
:s^t ?'#' :'.'
;}if (d>0)m [f][
e]=g(2 )?'\'':'+';for(i j=0;j<(s?
1:g(6) +1);j++)m[g(h)+u][g(w)
+t]=s?'@' :g(4) ==0?
'$':65+g(62) ;}i main(i
argc, const char* argv[]) {srand((i)
time(NULL));l(0, H, 0,W)m[y][x]=' ';
for(i j=0;j<1000;j++)cave(j==0);l(0,
H,0,W) {i c=m[y][x]; putchar(c=='!'?
'#':c);if(x==W-1)printf("\n");}r 0;}
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