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Powershell [int][Math]::Floor($a/$b) versus [Math]::Floor([int]$a / [int]$b)
In which I prove that that the terser [int][Math]::Floor($a/$b) gives the
same results as the technet recommended [Math]::Floor([int]$a / [int]$b)
Said technet recomendation is available at:
One extra cast is probably slower too.
1.. 1000 | ForEach-Object {
Foreach ($divisor in 2,3,5,7) {
$a = [int][Math]::Floor($_ / $divisor)
$b = [Math]::Floor([int]$_ / [int]$divisor)
if ($a -ne $b) {
"$($a) <> $($b) : $($a)/$($b)"
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