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Last active Feb 18, 2019
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Powershell Script for cleaning and removing v2.5 and upgrade to 3.5
# Set the values as needed
$QoS = "HKLM:\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\QoS\Lync QoS"
#Copy Node Config
Write-Host "Copy the Node Config to Desktop" -ForegroundColor Green
Copy-Item "C:\TestNode\NodeConfig.xml" -Destination "C:\Users\modtest\Desktop"
#Delete TestNode Folder
Write-Host "Deleting Directory and Files" -ForegroundColor Green
Remove-Item -path "C:\TestNode\*.*" -Recurse
#Stop and Disable Service
Write-Host "Stoping/Disabling service.... this may take a while... (Yellow Warnings means its working!!)" -ForegroundColor Green
Set-Service -Name "TestNode" -StartupType "Disabled"
Stop-Service -Name "TestNode"
# Set the Regedit Key
Remove-ItemProperty -Path $QoS -Name "Application Name"
New-ItemProperty -Path $QoS -Name "Application Name" -Value "NodeWorker.exe" -Type String
#Delete TestNode Folder
Write-Host "Running second clean up of files" -ForegroundColor Green
Remove-Item -path "C:\TestNode\*.*" -Recurse
#Removes Event Log Files for old Modality Event Log.
Remove-EventLog -LogName "Modality Test Node"
Write-Host "Script has been completed. New Registry Key Added, Old Service Stopped and Disabled, Deleted the old directory." -ForegroundColor Green
#Runs new Node Setup.
Read-Host -Prompt "Press Enter to continue and install Node Setup"
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