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Zachary Kessin

Code Generation In Erlang

Erlang User Conference 2013 Talk Proposal

Product Structure


Far two often as programmers we find ourselves working on very standard problems and spending a lot of time working on very standard code. It would be nice if we could let the computer do the boring bits and allow it to start with a model and convert it to directly running code without our having to write the code ourselves.

Code generation is a popular method in many web frameworks including Ruby on Rails, Symfony (PHP) and Yesod (Haskell). I intend to explore the best ways to do it in Erlang, including the possibility of using JOXA or one of the other Erlang based lisp languages or the like.

Talk Objective

I wish to demonstrate methods of creating a .beam file directly from a model in a way that will be maintainable. We will explore different mechanisms of mixing hand written and generated code and how they fit with various types of objectives.

Specificly There is the issue of how to have a code generator create code that can be modified and still allow the generator to re create some of the code if a data schema changes.

Talk Audience

I expect this talk will appeal to mid level programmers. Some knowledge of Erlang is expected. In addition the audience should be familiar with the web.

Speaker Biography

Zachary Kessin has been developing for the web for almost 20 years, he has worked in Perl, PHP, TCL, Javascript and Erlang, and has done so in Boston, London, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Zachary is the Author of "Programming HTML5 Applications, "Building Web applications in Erlang" and the upcoming "Testing Erlang" and is in the process of founding an Erlang podcast, to be titled "Mostly Erlang"

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