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zloeber / bootstrapwindows10.ps1
Last active November 20, 2023 04:12
Boxstarter Windows 10 Configuration
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The command to run, built from the raw link of this gist
iexplore<RAW GIST LINK>
OR (if you don't like the way the web launcher force re-installs everything)
zloeber / CreateAzureADDynamicGroups.ps1
Created February 4, 2018 17:07
Azure AD Dynamic Group Standard Groups
View CreateAzureADDynamicGroups.ps1
Creates or updates existing a handful of AzureAD dynamic groups for use in Azure AD
Requires the AzureADPreview module to work correctly!
More on dynamic membership in Azure AD:
Remove-Module AzureAD -Force -ErrorAction:SilentlyContinue
# Installs and configures a user syncthing deployment on Ubuntu
# Add the release PGP keys:
curl -s | sudo apt-key add -
# Add the "stable" channel to your APT sources:
echo "deb syncthing stable" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/syncthing.list
zloeber / gist:e280030aa819be22653809bb1d353c0d
Created January 2, 2020 19:10
helmfile: Cert-manager example
View gist:e280030aa819be22653809bb1d353c0d
tillerless: true
tillerNamespace: platform
atomic: false
verify: false
wait: true
timeout: 1200
recreatePods: true
force: true
zloeber / install-direnv.ps1
Created December 28, 2018 17:54
Install latest direnv from github releases with powershell
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Downloads and installs most recent direnv cli app to your user profile.
Default location will be $HOME/.local/bin (which is also added to your environment path)
Function Update-SystemPath {
zloeber / Remove-InstalledApp.ps1
Created February 27, 2018 21:50
PowerShell: Uninstall App or Exe via PackageManagement
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Function Remove-InstalledApp ([string]$AppName) {
get-package $AppName -ErrorAction:SilentlyContinue | Foreach {
$app = $_
switch ($app.ProviderName) {
'msi' {
Write-Output "Uninstalling msi for $($app.Name)"
$app | Uninstall-Package
'PowerShellGet' {
Write-Output "Uninstalling PowerShellGet package for $($app.Name)"
zloeber / gist:44f8b444fd3fa7003248af67bc7e4c7d
Created January 28, 2018 01:19
PowerShell Hashicorp App Downloader
View gist:44f8b444fd3fa7003248af67bc7e4c7d
Hashicorp recent app downloader
- Find and download the most recent versions of Hashicorp applications as defined in
$HashicorpPackages. Ignores all plugins and providers.
$HashicorpReleaseManifestURL = ''
# Update this to change the packages you want to download
$HashicorpPackages = @('vagrant','terraform','vault')
zloeber / gist:d01a6dde6bce82b216b6631d2ed0d612
Created April 6, 2020 03:45
Kubernetes Terraform App Deployment Brief Example
View gist:d01a6dde6bce82b216b6631d2ed0d612
resource kubernetes_namespace deployment {
metadata {
name = var.namespace
// Example Secrets to expose as env vars in deployment
resource kubernetes_secret appsecrets {
metadata {
name = "appsecrets"
zloeber /
Created April 2, 2020 13:17
# Work around script to get minikube running on Ubuntu 19.10
# - Updates local firewall settings (ufw)
# - Whacks your local ./.kube and ./.minikube folders!
# - Runs sudo commands to get things running but does not require sudo to run thereafter
View gist:f9667986bbfa264eae7c2df902a29def
name: ado-var-group-sync
batch: true
- master
- config/*