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Reddit Karma Status - update
;;; Quickload
(ql:quickload '(cl-json drakma))
;;; Settings
(defparameter *username* "cliffwarden")
(setf drakma:*header-stream* nil)
(push '("application" . "json") drakma:*text-content-types*)
;;; Utility
(defun reddit-about-url (username)
(format nil "" username))
;;; Functions
(defun get-about (username)
(json:decode-json-from-string (drakma:http-request (reddit-about-url username))))
(defun get-link-karma (about)
(cdr (assoc :link--karma (cdr (assoc :data about)))))
(defun get-comment-karma (about)
(cdr (assoc :comment--karma (cdr (assoc :data about)))))
(defun get-stats (u)
((about (get-about u)))
(format t "~A: ~A/~A~%" u (get-link-karma about) (get-comment-karma about))))
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