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Last active Dec 13, 2015
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LaTeX: to make the navigation symbols (and \framezoom) work with dvipdfmx
% bxdpx-beamer.sty
\ProvidesPackage{bxdpx-beamer}[2013/02/27 v0.2]
% environment check
\PackageError\bxqbd@pkgname{Beamer is not in use}%
{Package loading is aborted.}%
% if not in presentation mode, then abort silently
\mode<presentation>{\let\bxqbd@tempa=t }
\ifx t\bxqbd@tempa\else
% if PGF driver is not dvipdfmx/xetex, then abort silently
\ifx\pgfsysdriver\bxqbd@tempb \let\bxqbd@tempa=t \fi
\ifx\pgfsysdriver\bxqbd@tempb \let\bxqbd@tempa=t \fi
\ifx t\bxqbd@tempa\else
% if ec-lmr10 is not available, then abort with warning
{Some links are still out of order, since the\MessageBreak
hackery cannot be applied in absence of the \MessageBreak
LM Roman font}%
% \bxqbd@enghost
\font\bxqbd@font=ec-lmr10 at 1.1613pt % 10*0.5/4.3055
\@tempdima\ht\@tempboxa \advance\@tempdima\ht\bxqbd@ghost
% patch to \beamer@linkspace
% patch to \hyperlink
\ifx\bxqbd@tempa\bxqbd@labelzoomed \expandafter\@firstoftwo
\else \expandafter\@secondoftwo \fi
%--------------------------------------- all done
%% EOF
\hypersetup{linkbordercolor={0 0.5 0.1}}
Blah blah blah!!?
\documentclass[17pt,dvipdfmx]{beamer} % dvipdfmx needed
% These settings make navigation symbols rendered in black.
%\setbeamercolor{navigation symbols dimmed}{fg=black}
%\setbeamercolor{navigation symbols}{fg=black}
% This makes all links have a border.
%\hypersetup{pdfborder={0 0 1},allbordercolors={0 0.5 0}}
\section{Important but Meaningless}
This slide \pause is \alert{meaningless}.
This slide \pause is also \alert{meaningless}.
\section{Meaningless but Important}
This is yet another \alert{meaningless} slide.

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@nanpuyue nanpuyue commented Mar 17, 2013

Ubuntu 12.10
Adobe Reader 8.17
When I click on the navigation bar, a black box appears.


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@zr-tex8r zr-tex8r commented Apr 27, 2013

nanpuyue (Sorry for late reply.)
This seems to be normal behavior: i.e. every link in PDF files generated by dvipdfmx gets color-inversed when active.

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