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zr-tex8r / test-directunicode-full.tex
Created Apr 8, 2017
LaTeX: pLaTeX+pxchfonで源のアレしてみる件
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% upLaTeX文書, 文字コードはUTF-8
% 源ノアレはアレなので 'directunicode*' が必要
\usepackage[directunicode*,noalphabet]{pxchfon}[2017/04/08]% v0.9
% TTC版の源ノアレを使う
\setminchofont [0]{SourceHanSerif-Regular.ttc}
\setkoreanminchofont [1]{SourceHanSerif-Regular.ttc}
zr-tex8r / kana-mix-tate.tex
Created Apr 16, 2017
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% LuaLaTeX文書,UTF-8
% jlreqクラス・縦組の例
YokoFeatures={JFM=jlreq}, %jlreqのJFMを
TateFeatures={JFM=jlreqv}, %維持する
AltFont={% 代替フォント設定
{Range="3040-"30FF, Font=IPAexMincho},
{Range={`☃,`⛄}, Font=SourceHanSans}},
zr-tex8r /
Last active Mar 27, 2019
LaTeX: To make blinking text (if you dare)

bxblink Package

LaTeX: To make blinking text (if you dare)

System requirement

  • TeX format: LaTeX.
  • TeX engine: Anything.
  • DVI driver: dvips / dvipdfmx / pdfTeX / XeTeX.
zr-tex8r / newera.tex
Created Mar 26, 2019
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\useasboundingbox (0,0) rectangle (140,140);
\draw[myframe, line width=6pt, rounded corners=2pt]
zr-tex8r / reviewbreakall.tex
Last active Mar 15, 2019
LaTeX: \reviewbreakall のようなナニカ
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\makeatletter %!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TeX code BEGIN
zr-tex8r / test.enc
Created Feb 21, 2019
TeX: IPAex明朝で欧文TFMしてdvipdfmxするとアレ
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/test [
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef
/zero /one /two /three /four /five /six /seven
/eight /nine /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef
zr-tex8r / zrmakecmap.lua
Last active Feb 18, 2019
To make CMap files from OpenType font files using texlua
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-- zrmakecmap.lua
prog_name = "zrmakecmap"
version = "0.3"
mod_date = "2015/10/09"
verbose = false
sort = false
inencoding = "utf16"
fwid = true
---------------------------------------- preparations
filename, fontname, outname, jis_map = nil
zr-tex8r / test-bad.tex
Created Feb 2, 2019
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% This code gives an error.
\makeatletter %!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TeX code BEGIN
\newcount\xx@k \newcount\xx@n
% \EvenOddTable{<max-number>}
\global\xx@k=\z@ \global\xx@n=#1\relax
zr-tex8r / tckarakasa.sty
Created Feb 5, 2015
LaTeX: Paragraph formatting like “karakasa-renban”
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% tckarakasa.sty
%% package declaration
\ProvidesPackage{tckarakasa}[2015/02/05 v0.1]
%% preparations
zr-tex8r / Dockerfile
Last active Jan 30, 2019
Docker container that can do SATySFi
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FROM ocaml/opam2:debian-9-ocaml-4.06.0
USER root
RUN apt update && apt install -y \
build-essential \
autoconf \
git \
m4 \
unzip \
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