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View hm2.cpp
#include "scene/hm2.h"
#include "game_client.h"
#include "draw/sprite.h"
using namespace ace::gl::literals;
namespace ace { namespace scene {
HM2Font::HM2Font() {
this->vao.attrib_pointer("2f,2f,1f,4f,4f", this->vbo.handle);
View grapher.cpp
#include "scene/grapher.h"
#include "game_client.h"
#include "draw/sprite.h"
#define exprtk_disable_comments
#define exprtk_disable_break_continue
#define exprtk_disable_sc_andor
#define exprtk_disable_return_statement
#define exprtk_disable_string_capabilities
#define exprtk_disable_enhanced_features
View quotes.json
{"Jax": ["\"Let me at 'em!\"", "\"Who's next?!\"", "\"Imagine if I had a real weapon!\"", "\"Surprise! I'm back.\"", "\"Let's do this!\"", "\"Now it's my turn!\"", "\"Here's to you, kid.\"", "\"It's on!\"", "\"Ready for battle!\"", "\"Bring it on!\"", "\"Who wants a piece of the champ?!\""], "Sona": ["\"Sona plays a note on her etwahl.\"", "\"The fanfare ascends.\"", "\"Remember, we are one.\"", "\"Accelerated movement, I concur.\"", "\"From my mind to yours.\"", "\"Quarter time!\"", "\"Shall we resolve this dissonance?\"", "\"Accurate, like a metronome.\"", "\"A symphony of justice.\"", "\"Just many of them.\"", "\"Here we go.\"", "\"Adagio, summoner.\"", "\"With perfect tempo.\"", "\"Brioso! Brioso!\"", "\"Allegrissimo.\"", "\"A sublime duet.\"", "\"Order through music.\"", "\"Live for the moment.\"", "\"DJ Sona.\"", "\"Harmoniously.\"", "\"Delicately.\"", "\"Move like a metronome.\""], "Varus": ["\"My arrows always find their marks.\"", "\"Only cowards flee their fate.\"", "\"I'm on borrowed time.\"", "\"T
import json
import textwrap
import string
from typing import *
import discord
import webhook
from discord.ext import commands
import asyncio
import traceback
import typing
import enet
class BaseConnection:
async def on_connect(self):
import enum
import operator
import shlex
from collections import namedtuple, deque
class TokenType(enum.Enum):
NUM = 1
OP = 2
Creator: 10se1ucgo
A lot of this code is pretty confusing
Why? Because I suck at this kind of programming! Woo!
Hey, at least it runs. Maybe I'll port it to Iceball.
I completely regret my decision in making this.
Note: There might be some broken stuff. Haven't been able to test this that much.
from __future__ import division
import os
import wx
import requests
from ObjectListView import ObjectListView, ColumnDefn
from pycountry import countries
import flags
Please don't use this.
Creator: 10se1ucgo
import sys
from StringIO import StringIO
from commands import alias, name, admin, add
from adl3 import *
class ADLError(Exception):
def load_driver():
if ADL_Main_Control_Create(ADL_Main_Memory_Alloc, 1) != ADL_OK: