This is a basic collection of things I do when setting up a new headless ubuntu machine as a webserver. Following the steps below should give you a reasonable secure server with HTTP/2 support (including ALPN in chrome) and the fast NGINX server. I am happy to add things so leave a comment.


After creating the server (droplet on DigitalOcean) log in with

def check_number():
give = int(input('Enter the number you want to check is prime or not : ')) # asking input andconverting it into integer since by default it will be string
give1 = int(give/2) # we know a number greater than the half of that number won't be able to divide it
# COnveriting into integer because the result will be float
for i in range(1,give1):
if give % i == 0:
print('THe number {} is prime'.format(give))
break # since there is now no pint in continuing the if loop
function to_md5(text_to_md5) {
var toMD5 = text_to_md5 //md5sheet.getRange('b9').getValue()
var signature = Utilities.computeDigest(Utilities.DigestAlgorithm.MD5, toMD5, Utilities.Charset.US_ASCII);
var signatureStr = '';
for (i = 0; i < signature.length; i++) {
var byte = signature[i];
if (byte < 0)
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jsWarrior.turn = function(warrior) {
// 前に敵がいたら
if(warrior.check() == "enemy") {
   // 敵をアタック
// 前に敵がいなかったら
} else {
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// ViewController.swift
// AVFoundationCamera
import UIKit
import AVFoundation
class ViewController: UIViewController {
// セッション.
var mySession : AVCaptureSession!
// デバイス.
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var app1=angular.module('app1',[]);
$scope.signin= function () {
if(response.message === 'success'){
$scope.message="username/password is wrong";
var requestDeleteUser = function(userid){
console.log("requestDeleteUser :" + userid);
url = endpointUsers + userid;
method : "DELETE",
url: url,
success : function(data, textStatus, xhr){
console.log("done : " + data);
View 目录实用工具
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.Arrays;
import java.util.Collection;
import java.util.Iterator;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.regex.Pattern;
public final class Directory {