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yann300 / README.txt
Created Jan 28, 2021
Created using remix-ide: Realtime Ethereum Contract Compiler and Runtime. Load this file by pasting this gists URL or ID at
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Remix example project is the project which is there at the time of very first loading of Remix. It contains mainly 3 directories:
'contracts', 'scripts' & 'tests'.
'contracts' directory holds 3 contracts with different complexity level.
'scripts' directory holds the scripts to deploy a contract using web3.js or ethers.js libraries.
'tests' directory contains a test file with unit tests for 'Ballot' contract.
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# Remap prefix from 'C-b' to 'C-w'
unbind C-b
set-option -g prefix C-w
bind-key C-w send-prefix
# split panes using | and -
bind + split-window -h
bind - split-window -v
unbind '"'
unbind %
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// Available variables:
// - Machine
// - interpret
// - assign
// - send
// - sendParent
// - spawn
// - raise
// - actions
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INFO: - "PUT /api/channels/robostack-experimental/actions HTTP/1.0" 200 OK
DEBUG: [quetz] executing synchronize_packages task in a process 10
ERROR: [quetz] can not get repodata_from_packages.json for channel linux-64/robostack-experimental.
ERROR: [quetz] Trying next filename.
DEBUG: [quetz] comparing synchronisation timestamps of ros-foxy-actionlib-msgs-2.0.3-py38h348cfbe_0.tar.bz2
DEBUG: [quetz] comparing synchronisation timestamps of ros-foxy-action-msgs-1.0.0-py38h348cfbe_0.tar.bz2
DEBUG: [quetz] comparing synchronisation timestamps of ros-foxy-ament-cmake-0.9.8-py38h348cfbe_0.tar.bz2
DEBUG: [quetz] comparing synchronisation timestamps of ros-foxy-ament-cmake-auto-0.9.8-py38h348cfbe_0.tar.bz2
DEBUG: [quetz] comparing synchronisation timestamps of ros-foxy-ament-cmake-copyright-0.9.6-py38h348cfbe_0.tar.bz2
DEBUG: [quetz] comparing synchronisation timestamps of ros-foxy-ament-cmake-core-0.9.8-py38h348cfbe_0.tar.bz2
louluu / PY0101EN-1-2-Strings.ipynb
Created Jan 28, 2021
Created on Skills Network Labs
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zittix /
Created Jan 28, 2021
Decoding Hoval heater CAN Bus
# This file is just a sample file that does:
# 1) Open CAN bus can0 on the device (for example a raspberry PI using socketcan)
# 2) Listening for simple message coming from Hoval heater TTE-WEZ
# 3) Publishing each recognized data points to a MQTT broker located at IP with username/password hoval/hoval
import can
import asyncio
import logging
import paho.mqtt.client as mqtt
AlexMorgan3817 /
Last active Jan 28, 2021
This Script use .yml to create multiply samples of same file, but with changed parts
import sys
from os import system as sh
from yaml import load, dump
from yaml import CLoader as Loader, CDumper as Dumper
except ImportError:
from yaml import Loader, Dumper
class ErrorCode:
rzeh4n /
Created Jan 28, 2021
Test paměťové náročnosti HashSetu pro 60mil uuid
import java.time.LocalDateTime;
import java.util.*;
* Spuštění:
* 1. toto uložit do
* 2. javac ./
* 3. java -Xmx16g Main
* Příklad výstupu:
View 20210128_grafico_cantareira.R
#' Author: Beatriz Milz
#' Subject: Gráfico do volume armazenado no Sistema Cantareira. Dados da sabesp,
#' disponíveis no pacote mananciais.
# Import -----------------------------------------------------------------------
View AnimationName-1611837792608-550.css
.css-selector {
    background: linear-gradient(239deg, #0d57ec, #b90dec, #0dec3d, #a900f7);
    background-size: 800% 800%;
    -webkit-animation: AnimationName 51s ease infinite;
    -moz-animation: AnimationName 51s ease infinite;
    -o-animation: AnimationName 51s ease infinite;
    animation: AnimationName 51s ease infinite;
@-webkit-keyframes AnimationName {
    0%{background-position:0% 83%}