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SELECT structPayload.sessionId, SUM(failures) failures, SUM(restores) restores
CASE WHEN structPayload.event = 'failure' THEN 1
ELSE 0 END as failures,
CASE WHEN structPayload.event = 'restored' THEN 1
ELSE 0 END as restores
FROM [aaa.aaaaa_20160501]
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View main.swift
import Vapor
let app = Application()
app.get("/") { request in
return "Hello, World"
app.start(port: 8080)
View codemod_example_1.js
var var1 = 'var';
//we want to change it to
//const var1 = 'var';
//start template
export default function transformer(file, api) {
const j = api.jscodeshift;
View aceptar_inscripcion.cpp
#include <algorithm>
Acepta la solicitud de inscripción que estará en "planillas de inscripción".
Para aceptar una solicitud se coloca la cedula de quien solicita, se elimina de planillas
se pasa a materias inscritas y se incrementa la cantidad de alumnos para cada seccion donde este el aceptado.
Listas usadas aqui:
import csv
def getPendingProfile(name):
myList = []
with open('Sheet1.csv', 'rb') as fo:
spamreader = csv.DictReader(fo)
for each in spamreader:
if each['Owner'] == name and each['Done?'] != 'x':
myList.append(each['Profile Page'])
return len(myList)
View prime-factrize.js
'use strict';
const xor64 = function (y) {
y = y >>> 0;
y = y ^ (y << 13);
y = y ^ (y >> 7);
y = y ^ (y << 17);
return y >>> 0;
View Package.swift
import PackageDescription
let package = Package(
name: "sample-swift-server",
dependencies: [
.Package(url: "", majorVersion: 0)
View Wear_MTBF_151228_05_15_2016_0833.log
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
{"time":"2016-05-15T08:36:28+0900","log":"New alarm"}
{"time":"2016-05-15T08:36:30+0900","log":"New alarm >> One time"}
{"time":"2016-05-15T08:36:33+0900","log":"New alarm >> One time"}
{"time":"2016-05-15T08:36:36+0900","log":"New alarm >> Remove OK"}
public class Queue //stating class
int front , rear ,e, queSize , queArr[]; // initialized
Queue(int size) //constructor
this.queArr=new int[queSize];
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