Removes the NTFS file stream that indicates that a file has been
downloaded from the internet untrusted zone.
Requires library (see
import sys
import os
import clr
import clrtype
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//Welcome message when a new room or 1:1 is spawned with the bot
flint.on('spawn', function(bot) {
flint.debug('new bot spawned in room: %s',;
//presents different messages based on room or 1:1
bot.say("Hi! To get started just type @examplebot hello.");
bot.say("Hi! To get started just type hello.");
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<w:p w14:paraId="72754A29" w14:textId="77777777" w:rsidR="00E76149" w:rsidRDefault="00E76149">
<w:pStyle w:val="TOC1"/>
<w:tab w:val="right" w:leader="dot" w:pos="9350"/>
<w:rFonts w:eastAsiaTheme="minorEastAsia"/>
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(function ellipsis(str, charLimit) {
var result = [];
var letters = 0;
str.split().forEach(function(word, index) {
if (letters < charLimit) {result.push(word)}
letters += word.length;
console.log(result.join(' ') + '...');
})("Hero congressman calls out conservatives on racist abortion restrictions", 40);
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### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am thelugal on github.
* I am thelugal ( on keybase.
* I have a public key whose fingerprint is 3D98 64B0 ABE5 4FDF 14D0 2359 C84F 9A4A BAFF 39A7
To claim this, I am signing this object:
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QueryType: SELECT
SELECT ( VarNode(item) AS VarNode(item) ) ( VarNode(itemLabel) AS VarNode(itemLabel) )
JoinGroupNode {
StatementPatternNode(VarNode(item), ConstantNode(Vocab(6)[]:XSDUnsignedByte(31)), VarNode(--pp-anon-8e98f82b-b2f1-48c4-9659-261d1855fd27)[anonymous]) [scope=DEFAULT_CONTEXTS]
ArbitraryLengthPathNode(left=VarNode(--pp-anon-8e98f82b-b2f1-48c4-9659-261d1855fd27)[anonymous], right=ConstantNode(Vocab(2)[]:XSDUnsignedInt(1651051))) {
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// \META-INF\resources\util\control\FileLocationControl.js
if (!sLocationType || (sLocationType === "0")) {
// Create Embedded link control(commands: DownLoad and UpLoad) and add in HBox
oConstraint.getCommandsDefinition = undefined; // for create link without command, should be restored
oEditLink = util.ControlFactory.createLinkControl(oInstance, oFeature, bEditable, oPropertyDefinition, false, true);
oConstraint.getCommandsDefinition = oCommand; // Restore commandDefinition
if (bEditable) {
View # scalapack - 2016-09-29_00-03-42.txt
Homebrew build logs for homebrew/science/scalapack on macOS 10.10.5
Build date: 2016-09-29 00:03:42
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QueryType: SELECT
SELECT ( VarNode(item) AS VarNode(item) ) ( VarNode(itemLabel) AS VarNode(itemLabel) )
JoinGroupNode {
ArbitraryLengthPathNode(left=VarNode(--pp-anon-3f31de7b-6d30-47e1-8cd3-4402d949d842)[anonymous], right=ConstantNode(Vocab(2)[]:XSDUnsignedInt(1651051))) {
JoinGroupNode {
StatementPatternNode(VarNode(-tVarLeft-32e225be-feb4-4b01-9bc0-3aeab8718976)[anonymous], ConstantNode(Vocab(6)[]:XSDUnsignedShort(279)), VarNode(-tVarRight-d91d0867-abca-4e44-b396-d0fc55945bb9)[anonymous]) [scope=DEFAULT_CONTEXTS]
View export-opera-bookmarks
// Export Opera Bookmarks (Mac OS X)
// *In case you don't want to install an addon.*
// The next command should write the bookmarks to an HTML file.
// node export_opera_bookmarks.js
// Tested on Opera +40.0.
var BOOKMARKS_FILE = process.env['HOME'] + '/Library/Application\ Support/com.operasoftware.Opera/Bookmarks';