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import _ from 'lodash';
function objectToArray(object) {
let keys = Object.keys(object);
let output = [];
keys.forEach(function(key) {
let predicate = object[key];
if (_.isFunction(predicate)) {
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import _ from 'lodash';
export function enumNumber(... params) {
return Object.freeze(_.mapValues(_.invert(params), Number));
export function enumString(... params) {
return Object.freeze(_.mapKeys(params));
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export function makePayment(loanId, amount, paymentMethodId) {
return dispatch => {
fetch(`/api/loans/${loanId}/payments`, {
headers: new Headers({
'Content-Type': 'application/json',
credentials: 'same-origin',
method: 'POST',
body: JSON.stringify({
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install autoconf automake build-essential libass-dev libfreetype6-dev \
libsdl1.2-dev libtheora-dev libtool libva-dev libvdpau-dev libvorbis-dev libxcb1-dev libxcb-shm0-dev \
libxcb-xfixes0-dev pkg-config texinfo zlib1g-dev
# Create a dir where the rest of the sources will live
mkdir ~/ffmpeg_sources
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// parameters
$hubVerifyToken = 'TOKEN123456abcd';
$accessToken = "xxx";
// check token at setup
if ($_REQUEST['hub_verify_token'] === $hubVerifyToken) {
echo $_REQUEST['hub_challenge'];
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# /etc/init.d/wakeup
# Provides: Wakeup for Display
# Required-Start:
# Required-Stop:
# Default-Start: 2 3 4 5
# Default-Stop: 0 1 6
# Short-Description: Start Wakeup at boot
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<meta charset="UTF-8">
<?php $debug=False; set_time_limit(0); ?>
<title>d3stryr 3stripes</title>
<script src=""></script>
function setCookie(cname, cvalue, exdays) {
var d = new Date();
d.setTime(d.getTime() + (exdays*24*60*60*1000));
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import fetch from 'isomorphic-fetch';
export const REQUEST_POSTS = 'posts/REQUEST';
export const RECEIVE_POSTS = 'posts/RECEIVE';
export const ERROR_POSTS = 'posts/ERROR';
export const ADD_FILTER = 'posts/ADD_FILTER';
export const REMOVE_FILTER = 'posts/REMOVE_FILTER';
// this action is a generic get all posts
""" Theano CRBM implementation.
For details, see:
Sample data:
@author Graham Taylor"""
import numpy
Generate private key (.key)
# Key considerations for algorithm "RSA" ≥ 2048-bit
openssl genrsa -out server.key 2048

# Key considerations for algorithm "ECDSA" ≥ secp384r1
# List ECDSA the supported curves (openssl ecparam -list_curves)
openssl ecparam -genkey -name secp384r1 -out server.key