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biantris /
Last active Dec 6, 2022
personal investment by sseraphini discord server

(personal investiment thread)

Ítalo S. : Melhores investimentos que você fez em você?

sibelius :

  • books
  • community
  • crossfit
  • learn in public
  • sharing knowledge in public
neno-tech / CSS.html
Last active Dec 6, 2022
เว็บแอป CRUD อัปโหลดโค้ดวันแม่ 2564
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.btn-group-xs > .btn, .btn-xs {
padding: .25rem .4rem;
font-size: .875rem;
line-height: .5;
border-radius: .2rem;

Recon and Attack Vectors from My Logs

This document contains excerpts from my web server logs collected over a period of 7 years that shows various kinds of recon and attack vectors.

There were a total of 37.2 million lines of logs out of which 1.1 million unique HTTP requests (Method + URI) were found.

$ sed 's/^.* - - \[.*\] "\(.*\) HTTP\/.*" .*/\1/' access.log &gt; requests.txt

Force RGB Color on M1 Mac

How to Force RGB Color Output instead of YPbPr on your M1 Apple Silicon Mac for an External Monitor.

This step-by-step video tutorial will guide you through the procedure of forcing RGB color output on your M1 Mac.

Force RGB Color on M1 Mac

Here is the direct link to the video tutorial:
> The video also has Closed Captions (Subtitles) that you can enable, to make it easier to follow if needed.

magalhaespaulo / Modal.tsx
Last active Dec 6, 2022
Accessible <Modal /> with Framer Motion and Tailwind CSS
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// Accessible Modal.tsx with
// Framer Motion and Tailwind CSS
// 10 Examples in the comments section below
import { createPortal } from 'react-dom'
import { Dispatch, HTMLAttributes, SetStateAction, useEffect, useState } from 'react'
import { AnimatePresence, motion } from 'framer-motion'
import FocusLock from 'react-focus-lock'
const effect = {
hidden: {
IanKeen / Example.swift
Created Feb 7, 2021
PropertyWrapper: Ignore codable properties
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struct Foo: Codable {
var name: String
@Ignore var foo: Int?
let model = Foo(name: "Ian", foo: 42)
let data = try! JSONEncoder().encode(model)
print(String(data: data, encoding: .utf8)!) // {"name":"Ian"}
corsonr / functions.php
Created Sep 28, 2016
Display WooCommerce product variations dropdown select on the shop page
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// Display variations dropdowns on shop page for variable products
add_filter( 'woocommerce_loop_add_to_cart_link', 'woo_display_variation_dropdown_on_shop_page' );
function woo_display_variation_dropdown_on_shop_page() {
global $product;
if( $product->is_type( 'variable' )) {