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dims /
Last active Jan 29, 2023
Kubernetes Resources
AnnoyingTechnology /
Last active Jan 29, 2023
Vegan ballistic gel (Agar-Agar as ballistic gel)

Receipe for vegan ballistic gel

This is a draft

Ballistic gel is often made out of gelatine, which is a produce scrapped from dead pigs bones.

It is possible to make ballisic gel without hurting animals by using Agar-Agar, a polymer extracted from seaweed.

Agar-Agar also has the advantage of being re-usable. By bringing it again above 90°C.

ruanbekker /
Last active Jan 29, 2023
Elasticsearch Cheatsheet : Example API usage of using Elasticsearch with curl
luizomf /
Last active Jan 29, 2023
Ambiente de desenvolvimento Python no Ubuntu - Com VS Code, Google Chrome, ZSH, Oh-my-zsh, zsh-syntax-highlighting, zsh-autosuggestions e spaceship prompt.
# Executar comandos a seguir para atualizar os pacotes
sudo apt update -y
sudo apt upgrade -y
# Só o Python
sudo apt install python3.10-full python3.10-dev -y
# Instalar pacotes a seguir
View grant_full_disk_access.m
@import Darwin;
@import Foundation;
@import MachO;
#import <mach-o/fixup-chains.h>
// you'll need helpers.m from Ian Beer's write_no_write and vm_unaligned_copy_switch_race.m from
// WDBFontOverwrite
// Also, set an NSAppleMusicUsageDescription in Info.plist (can be anything)
// Please don't call this code on iOS 14 or below
// (This temporarily overwrites tccd, and on iOS 14 and above changes do not revert on reboot)
lucianodiisouza / gist:bad9ee2e73bfd33fd6ca4a601fabf6c3
Created Feb 5, 2021
Tabela de transparências - HEXADECIMAIS
View gist:bad9ee2e73bfd33fd6ca4a601fabf6c3
- **100% — FF**
- 99% — FC
- 98% — FA
- 97% — F7
- 96% — F5
- 95% — F2
- 94% — F0
- 93% — ED
- 92% — EB
- 91% — E8
SteveBate / struct_to_bytes.go
Created Oct 2, 2015
Example of converting a struct to a byte slice, compressing with gzip, and saving to file followed by the reverse process back to a struct
View struct_to_bytes.go
package main
import (
View verify_and_decrypt_session_cookie60beta1.rb
require 'cgi'
require 'active_support'
def verify_and_decrypt_session_cookie(cookie, secret_key_base = Rails.application.secret_key_base)
config = Rails.application.config
cookie = CGI::unescape(cookie)
salt = config.action_dispatch.authenticated_encrypted_cookie_salt
encrypted_cookie_cipher = config.action_dispatch.encrypted_cookie_cipher || 'aes-256-gcm'
# serializer = ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor::NullSerializer # use this line if you don't know your serializer
serializer = ActionDispatch::Cookies::JsonSerializer
burinov /
Last active Jan 29, 2023 — forked from ckurtm/AndroidManifest.xml
Example on how to use adb to start an Activity,BroadcastReceiver or Service from adb and include intent extras too.for Activity: adb shell am start -n "com.peirr.test/com.peirr.test.MyActivity" --es name "John" --ei age 30for BroadcastReceiver adb shell am broadcast -n "com.peirr.test/com.peirr.test.MyReceiver" --es name "John" --ei age 30for Se…
#Example on how to use adb to start an Activity,
#BroadcastReceiver or Service from adb and include intent extras too.
#for Activity:
adb shell am start -n "com.peirr.test/com.peirr.test.MyActivity" --es name "John" --ei age 30
#for BroadcastReceiver
adb shell am broadcast -n "com.peirr.test/com.peirr.test.MyReceiver" --es name "John" --ei age 30