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amadornes /
Last active December 7, 2023 21:27
1.19 client refactor auto-remap guide

Welcome to the 1.19 client refactor auto-remap guide!

Forge 41.0.64 for Minecraft 1.19 introduces several breaking changes to client code and 41.0.94 makes several additional renames.

In this guide we'll set up, configure and run SizableShrimp's automatic remapping tool to go through your code and take care of a large number of changes for you. This will only work if your mod is written in Java, so if it isn't, skip to the manual porting guide.

This guide works regardless of the mappings you're using.

Here's what we'll do:

  1. Ensure the mod compiles
Joao-Peterson /
Last active December 7, 2023 21:26
GMK67 manual (English)
mkaafi6 / main.dart
Created December 7, 2023 21:25
View main.dart
void main() {
//Exercise: print variables
var firstname = "Andrea";
var lastname = "Bizzoto";
var age = 36;
var height = 1.84;
bradtraversy /
Last active December 7, 2023 21:23
Setup Webpack with Tailwind CSS

Webpack & Tailwind CSS Setup

Create your package.json

npm init -y

Create your src folder

Create a folder called src and add an empty index.js file. The code that webpack compiles goes in here including any Javascript modules and the main Tailwind file.

iknowjason /
Last active December 7, 2023 21:23
Scan for secrets at scale
# Secrets scanning at scale: 3 different tools
# trufflehog
# 1. get all repos: gh repo list <organization> --limit 1000 > repos.txt
# 2. parse repos.txt so each line looks similar to:
# Remotely scan the repos using trufflehog without downloading
while IFS= read -r repo
mehranhadidi / !
Created August 15, 2017 08:52 — forked from ivanvermeyen/!
Setup a Laravel Storage driver with Google Drive API
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xpn / azuread_decrypt_msol_v2.ps1
Created April 11, 2020 01:34
Updated method of dumping the MSOL service account (which allows a DCSync) used by Azure AD Connect Sync
View azuread_decrypt_msol_v2.ps1
Write-Host "AD Connect Sync Credential Extract v2 (@_xpn_)"
Write-Host "`t[ Updated to support new cryptokey storage method ]`n"
$client = new-object System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection -ArgumentList "Data Source=(localdb)\.\ADSync;Initial Catalog=ADSync"
try {
} catch {
Write-Host "[!] Could not connect to localdb..."
flpvsk / recorderWorkletProcessor.js
Last active December 7, 2023 21:19
An example of a recorder based on AudioWorklet API.
View recorderWorkletProcessor.js
A worklet for recording in sync with AudioContext.currentTime.
More info about the API:
How to use:
1. Serve this file from your server (e.g. put it in the "public" folder) as is.
Maksimka101 / fast_equatable.dart
Last active December 7, 2023 21:18
Fast Equatable
View fast_equatable.dart
abstract class FastEquatable extends Equatable {
const FastEquatable();
bool operator ==(Object other) {
return identical(this, other) ||
other is FastEquatable &&
other.runtimeType == runtimeType &&
fastEquals(props, other.props);
View Vibrate.swift
import AudioToolbox.AudioServices
extension SystemSoundID {
static let vibrate = SystemSoundID(kSystemSoundID_Vibrate) // 4095
static let peek = SystemSoundID(1519)
static let pop = SystemSoundID(1520)
static let cancelled = SystemSoundID(1521)
static let tryAgain = SystemSoundID(1102)
static let failed = SystemSoundID(1107)