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#!/usr/bin/env python
Copyright (c) 2011, Daniel Bugl
All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright


docker image 存放目录

  • /var/lib/docker 下文件可以清理掉, 然后重新 docker pull.

docker 的简单介绍

  • docker daemon
  • docker client
  • LXC/VM

Using Python 3 + Google Cloud Vision API's OCR to extract text from photos and scanned documents

Just a quickie test in Python 3 (using Requests) to see if Google Cloud Vision can be used to effectively OCR a scanned data table and preserve its structure, in the way that products such as ABBYY FineReader can OCR an image and provide Excel-ready output.

The short answer: No. While Cloud Vision provides bounding polygon coordinates in its output, it doesn't provide it at the word or region level, which would be needed to then calculate the data delimiters.

On the other hand, the OCR quality is pretty good, if you just need to identify text anywhere in an image, without regards to its physical coordinates. I've included two examples:

# 1. A low-resolution photo of road signs
View gist:1805373

Node.js 開発環境 基礎


OS X ならHomebrewまたはMacportsで。

[~] $ brew install node
[~] # port install node


View BST_InorderSuccessor_CPP.cpp
/* C++ program to find Inorder successor in a BST */
using namespace std;
struct Node {
int data;
struct Node *left;
struct Node *right;
//Function to find some data in the tree
View Main.conf
# 规则配置仅供参考,适用于Surge iOS 1.2.3 (563) 及其后续版本;
# 包含 Proxy Group、URL Rewrite 特性;
# 包含 Reject 规则,用于拦截广告、行为分析、数据统计;
# 屏蔽 Hao123、百度联盟广告以及部分运营商网页漂浮广告;
# Surge 新手使用指南
# warning, notify, info, verbose
skip-proxy =,,,,, localhost, *.local, ::ffff:0:0/96
bypass-tun =,,
loglevel = notify
# check if job exists
curl -XGET 'http://jenkins/checkJobName?value=yourJobFolderName' --user
# with folder plugin
curl -s -XPOST 'http://jenkins/job/FolderName/createItem?name=yourJobName' --data-binary @config.xml -H "Content-Type:text/xml" --user
# without folder plugin
curl -s -XPOST 'http://jenkins/createItem?name=yourJobName' --data-binary @config.xml -H "Content-Type:text/xml" --user
# create folder
View Self

% The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem % Nathaniel Branden % _


Let us identify the most important factors on which self-esteem depends.

If self-esteem is the health of the mind, then few subjects are of comparable urgency

View Allow_Youtube_Scripts.php
$html = "...";
echo Allow_Youtube_Scripts::sanitize_html( $html );
class Allow_Youtube_Scripts {
static $allowed_protocols;
static function sanitize_html( $html ) {
View example1.swift
import UIKit
import XCPlayground
class ViewController: UIViewController {
func action() { print("Bing!") }
override func viewDidLoad() {
view.backgroundColor = .whiteColor()
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