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rg3915 /
Last active March 21, 2023 11:30
Create PostgreSQL database with Python and click and modern command to create database postgres 2020
import subprocess
from getpass import getpass
# DDL - data definition language
# Remove user and database'psql -U postgres -c "DROP DATABASE my_db;"', shell=True)'psql -U postgres -c "DROP USER my_user;"', shell=True)
# Create user ad hoc, P is password, E is ENCRYPTED.
olih /
Last active March 21, 2023 11:30
jq Cheet Sheet

Processing JSON using jq

jq is useful to slice, filter, map and transform structured json data.

Installing jq

On Mac OS

brew install jq

imba-tjd /
Last active March 21, 2023 11:28
☁️ 一些免费的云资源



View redis_pubsub_demo.rb
# Author: Pieter Noordhuis
# Description: Simple demo to showcase Redis PubSub with EventMachine
# Update 7 Oct 2010:
# - This example does *not* appear to work with Chrome >=6.0. Apparently,
# the WebSocket protocol implementation in the cramp gem does not work
# well with Chrome's (newer) WebSocket implementation.
# Requirements:
# - rubygems: eventmachine, thin, cramp, sinatra, yajl-ruby
joshbuchea /
Last active March 21, 2023 11:26
Semantic Commit Messages

Semantic Commit Messages

See how a minor change to your commit message style can make you a better programmer.

Format: <type>(<scope>): <subject>

<scope> is optional


bradtraversy /
Last active March 21, 2023 11:25
SSH & DevOps Crash Course Snippets

SSH Cheat Sheet

This sheet goes along with this SSH YouTube tutorial

Login via SSH with password (LOCAL SERVER)

$ ssh brad@

Create folder, file, install Apache (Just messing around)

$ mkdir test

$ cd test

fomvasss /
Last active March 21, 2023 11:22
Settings OS Linux after install

After install OS

Upgrate OS

sudo apt upgrate

Add swap (optional)

sudo fallocate -l 4G /swapfile
hackermondev /
Created March 21, 2023 05:04
Discord ClydeAI jailbreak
jonlabelle /
Last active March 21, 2023 11:21
LDAP Search Filter Cheatsheet
htp /
Last active March 21, 2023 11:21
Test a WebSocket using curl.
curl --include \
--no-buffer \
--header "Connection: Upgrade" \
--header "Upgrade: websocket" \
--header "Host:" \
--header "Origin:" \
--header "Sec-WebSocket-Key: SGVsbG8sIHdvcmxkIQ==" \
--header "Sec-WebSocket-Version: 13" \