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thedewer 18dew

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"name": "CetasChain",
"engine": {
"instantSeal": null
"params": {
"accountStartNonce": "0x1",
"maximumExtraDataSize": "0x20",
"minGasLimit": "0x1388",
"networkID" : "0x7334"
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pragma solidity ^0.4.24;
contract bank_ds {
mapping ( address => bool ) public bankRegis;
mapping ( address => bool ) public owner;
modifier isOwner(){
require(owner[msg.sender] == true);
18dew / Covid
Last active Apr 4, 2020
Covid Score - A Problem definition for tracking covid spread.
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Covid Score

Problem Statement

In vast country like india its virtually impossible to test entire population hence we need to develop a solution which derives a risk score for public based on their exposure to infected people over a specificed period of duration. If the exposure is above a threshold limit specified by goverment then person will have to take test.

Purpose of the problem definition is to come up with a scoring mechasim based on intersection and exposure with infected person path.

Ideal scoring mechanism would quantify the level of exposure a person have had with infected person. ( Note the exposure has no upper bound )

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