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import vapoursynth as vs
__version__ = '2.0.0'
def resample_hq(clip, width=None, height=None, kernel='spline36', matrix='709', transfer='709',
src_left=None, src_top=None, src_width=None, src_height=None, descale=False,
filter_param_a=None, filter_param_b=None, range_in=None, precision=1):
"""Gamma correct resizing in linear light (RGB).
# - finesharp module for VapourSynth
# Original author: Didee (
# Requirement: VapourSynth r48 or later
# Rev: 2019-11-03
import vapoursynth as vs
def spline(x, coordinates):
def get_matrix(px, py, l):
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