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Adrien LUCAS adrienlucas

  • France
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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am adrienlucas on github.
  • I am adrienlucas ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASCu32wHMOVwGIyjYn8HN2oWjHucMDFQuqgzU-cqGpdX3wo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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import jQuery from 'jquery';
it('stacks several promises with one rejection', () => {
const p1 = new jQuery.Deferred();
const p2 = new jQuery.Deferred();
const p3 = new jQuery.Deferred();
const stack = jQuery.when(...promises);
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* Generate a true random integer.
* To be used as a rand() replacement as it behave exactly the same.
* int true_rand(void)
* int true_rand(int $min, int $max)
* It uses the HotBits webservice from FourmilLab as randomness provider
* based on radioactive decay. See
We couldn’t find that file to show.
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xinput disable `xinput list | grep "Touchscreen" | sed -E 's/^.*id=([0-9]+).*$/\1/'`
echo ---BG---40---41---42---43---44---45---46---47
for i in {30..37} # foreground
echo -n -e FG$i-
for j in {40..47} # background
echo -n -e '\E['$i';'$j'm foo\E[0m'
View pagebrowser.html.twig
Twig macro to display a pagination, aka page browser.
Usage :
First you have to import the macro using "import" :
{% from 'AcmeBundle:Default:Macro/pagebrowser.html.twig' import pagebrowser %}
Then, call the function :
{{ pagebrowser(route, routeParams, totalPages, currentPage, browserSize) }}
Where :
route : the list route that have the page param, usually 'app.request.attributes.get('_route')'
View .bash_aliases
alias vgrt-up='(cd vagrant && vagrant up)'
alias vgrt-ssh='(cd vagrant && vagrant ssh)'
alias vgrt-status='(cd vagrant && vagrant status)'
alias vgrt-halt='(cd vagrant && vagrant halt)'
alias ssh-dev='ssh root@'
alias mount-dev='sshfs root@ /mnt/dev'
Debian: jessie/sid
Atom: 103
Node: v0.10.28
npm: v1.4.4
View functions.php
This shortcode display a google map with some markers on it.
<!--Usage :-->
Somewhere###<strong></strong><br /><a href=""###-25.363882,174.044922
Somewhere else###<strong></strong><br /><a href=""###15.549876,131.123489