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Learning and developing

Ahmed Helal AhmedHelalAhmed

Learning and developing
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View LivewireLoginTest.php
namespace Tests\Feature;
use App\User;
use Tests\TestCase;
use Livewire\Livewire;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Route;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\RefreshDatabase;
zaratedev / .php_cs
Created Dec 6, 2019
The config .php_cs example
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return PhpCsFixer\Config::create()
'@PSR2' => true,
'array_indentation' => true,
'array_syntax' => array('syntax' => 'short'),
'combine_consecutive_unsets' => true,
'method_separation' => true,
'no_multiline_whitespace_before_semicolons' => true,
'single_quote' => true,
meigwilym /
Created Nov 28, 2019
Notes on's Laravel beyond CRUD

Laravel beyond CRUD

A blog series for PHP developers working on larger-than-average Laravel projects

Written for projects with a development lifespan of six to twelve months, with a team of three to six developers working on them simultaneously.

Chapter 1: Domain oriented Laravel

View Basic unit-of-work for Laravel
Simple contract or interface, call as you wish:
interface UnitOfWork
public function begin();
public function commit();
public function rollback();
laravel-shift / .php-cs-fixer.php
Last active Jun 27, 2022
PHP CS Fixer - Laravel Coding Style Ruleset
View .php-cs-fixer.php
use PhpCsFixer\Config;
use PhpCsFixer\Finder;
$rules = [
'array_indentation' => true,
'array_syntax' => ['syntax' => 'short'],
'binary_operator_spaces' => [
'default' => 'single_space',
bradtraversy / vsc_js_snippets.json
Last active Jun 29, 2022
VSCode JavaScript Snippets
View vsc_js_snippets.json
"Console Log": {
"prefix": "cl",
"body": "console.log($1);",
"description": "Console Log"
"Named Function": {
"prefix": "nfn",
"body": ["function ${1:functionName}($2) {", " $3", "}"],
"description": "Named Function"
bradtraversy /
Last active Jul 2, 2022
Helpful shortcuts for VSCode

VSCode Shortcuts

List of helpful shortcuts for faster coding

If you have any other helpful shortcuts, feel free to add in the comments of this gist :)

Official List of all commands

atomjar / product_style
Last active Apr 1, 2022
Stylesheet for Vue Mastery's Intro to Vue course
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body {
font-family: tahoma;
margin: 0px;
.nav-bar {
background: linear-gradient(-90deg, #84CF6A, #16C0B0);
height: 60px;
margin-bottom: 15px;
## How to install mcrypt in php7.2 / php7.3
## Linux / MacOS / OSX
letanure /
Created Jan 3, 2018 — forked from kerryboyko/
VueJS Best Practices Guide

Deverus Vue.js Style Guide

Guide for developing Vue.js applications.

v. 0.0.1

Vue.js is an amazing framework, which can be as powerful as Angular or React, the two big heavy hitters in the world of front-end frameworks.

However, most of Vue's ease-of-use is due to the use of Observables - a pattern that triggers re-renders and other function calls with the reassignment of a variable.