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AndreiD / ubuntu server after install TODO
Last active July 31, 2018 18:06
[ SERVER PART ] (for desktop, scroll down)
sudo apt install -y build-essential libssl-dev libncurses5-dev libpcap-dev git apt-transport-https ca-certificates
git config --global core.autocrlf false
git config --global core.longpaths true
// NodeJS
cd /tmp
curl -sL -o
sudo bash
AndreiD / From python script to exe to setup
Last active August 29, 2015 14:05
From python script to exe to setup.
1. Write your python script
Check -> wxPython is a GUI toolkit for the Python programming language. It allows Python programmers to create programs with a robust, highly functional graphical user interface, simply and easily.
Helper for wxPython (a must for beginners)
2. type the following command cd c:\python27\scripts press enter, this should be where your pip.exe file is located.
Once you are in this directory type pip install pyinstaller press enter
google pywin32, install the 32/64 bit variant.
AndreiD / python_pdf_to_text_or_html
Created August 14, 2014 15:43
Python PDF to Text or HTML HOW TO:
pip install pdfminer
for text replace HTMLConverter to TEXTConverter....
from pdfminer.pdfinterp import PDFResourceManager, PDFPageInterpreter
from pdfminer.layout import LAParams
from pdfminer.pdfpage import PDFPage
from pdfminer.converter import HTMLConverter
from cgi import escape
AndreiD / colors.xml
Created November 8, 2014 16:21
Android Colors list in xml. Holo included
<!-- A light Holo shade of blue -->
<color name="holo_blue_light">#ff33b5e5</color>
<!-- A light Holo shade of gray -->
<color name="holo_gray_light">#33999999</color>
<!-- A light Holo shade of green -->
<color name="holo_green_light">#ff99cc00</color>
<!-- A light Holo shade of red -->
AndreiD / cool_things_to_add
Last active August 29, 2015 14:08
Cool things to add.
compile('') {
exclude group: '', module: 'support-v4'
# Bash script to install latest version of ffmpeg and its dependencies on Ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04
# Inspired from
# Remove any existing packages:
sudo apt-get -y remove ffmpeg x264 libav-tools libvpx-dev libx264-dev
# Get the dependencies (Ubuntu Server or headless users):
sudo apt-get update
AndreiD /
Created October 12, 2015 15:32
simple AES Crypt in java
package com.classicharmony.testme2;
import android.util.Base64;
import android.util.Log;
AndreiD /
Last active November 18, 2015 13:16
facebook best friend v.01
from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys
import pickle
import time
driver = webdriver.Firefox()
def init():
print "------- initialization -------------"
AndreiD / color_schemes_android
Last active September 1, 2016 13:37
Color Schemes Android Material Design
#1. Unobtrusive Android Cafe
<color name="colorPrimaryDark">#403835</color>
<color name="colorPrimary">#8A7A6B</color>
<color name="colorAccent">#403835</color>
<color name="windowBackground">#F7F3EE</color>
<color name="colorControlNormal">#A79D93</color>
<color name="colorControlActivated">#8A7A6B</color>
<color name="navbar_color">@color/colorPrimaryDark</color>
<item name="colorPrimary">@color/colorPrimary</item>
AndreiD / xhello_version_1
Last active February 15, 2016 11:11
HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate")
Opt("SendKeyDelay", 50)
ToolTip("XHello Running", screen_height/2, screen_width/2, "XHello", 1) ; ex: 2560 1440 or 1920 1080 etc.
SplashTextOn("", "XHello", -1, -1, -1, -1, 33, "", 24)
Global $MESSAGES[4] = ["whatzup ?", "g morning", "Knock!!!Knock!!!", "8-)"] ; your messages