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AshFlaw / Invoke-DisconnectedRDPSessionLogOff.ps1
Created Sep 30, 2018
Remotely log off all disconnected sessions from a server, RDP session hosts or otherwise.
View Invoke-DisconnectedRDPSessionLogOff.ps1
$server = ''
$sessions = quser /server:$server | where-object { $_ -match "Disc" }
Foreach ($Session in $Sessions)
$UserName = $Session.split(' +')[1]
$ID = qwinsta /server:$server $UserName | where-object { $_ -match $UserName } | Where { $_ -ne "" } | ForEach { $_.Replace(" ","") } | ForEach { $_.Replace("Disc","") } | ForEach { $_.ToLower() } | ForEach { $_.Replace("$UserName","") }
Write-Output "SessionID $ID Username: $UserName is disconnected"
logoff $ID /server:$server
AshFlaw / Add-OMSNetworkMonitoringFirewallRules.ps1
Created Sep 12, 2018
Bulk add the OMS Log Analytics Network Monitoring rules to all machines in a domain
View Add-OMSNetworkMonitoringFirewallRules.ps1
Function OMSICMPFWRules
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="NPMDICMPV4Echo" protocol="icmpv4:8,any" dir=in action=allow
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="NPMDICMPV6Echo" protocol="icmpv6:128,any" dir=in action=allow
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="NPMDICMPV4DestinationUnreachable" protocol="icmpv4:3,any" dir=in action=allow
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="NPMDICMPV6DestinationUnreachable" protocol="icmpv6:1,any" dir=in action=allow
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="NPMDICMPV4TimeExceeded" protocol="icmpv4:11,any" dir=in action=allow
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="NPMDICMPV6TimeExceeded" protocol="icmpv6:3,any" dir=in action=allow
AshFlaw / install-GPMC.ps1
Created Aug 15, 2018
Install Group Policy Management Console, GPMC via PowerShell
View install-GPMC.ps1
Install-WindowsFeature –Name GPMC
AshFlaw / CopyADGroupMemberships.ps1
Created Jul 19, 2018
Copy AD group memberships from one user account to another.
View CopyADGroupMemberships.ps1
$Source = ""
$Destination = ""
Get-ADUser -Identity $Source -Properties memberof | Select-Object -ExpandProperty memberof | Add-ADGroupMember -Members $Destination
AshFlaw / EOL-MailBoxAuditing.ps1
Created Jul 19, 2018
Check, enable and disable Tenant level mailbox auditing in Exchange Online
View EOL-MailBoxAuditing.ps1
# Get Auditing Status
Get-OrganizationConfig | Select AuditDisabled
# Disable Auditing for Tenant
Set-OrganizationConfig -AuditDisabled $True
# Disable Auditing for User
Set-MailboxAuditBypassAssociation -Identity $User -AuditBypassEnabled $True
# Find Mailboxes with Audting Disabled
AshFlaw / Set-EolMailBoxAuditEnabledAll.ps1
Created Jul 19, 2018
Enable Exchange Online mailbox auditing manually for all mailboxes
View Set-EolMailBoxAuditEnabledAll.ps1
Get-Mailbox -Filter {AuditEnabled -eq $False} -RecipientTypeDetails UserMailbox, SharedMailbox | Set-Mailbox -AuditEnabled $True –AuditDelegate Create, FolderBind, SendAs, SendOnBehalf, SoftDelete, HardDelete, Update, Move, MoveToDeletedItems, UpdateFolderPermissions
AshFlaw / Get-AvailableRAM.ps1
Created Jul 17, 2018
Get available RAM on a remote server via powershell
View Get-AvailableRAM.ps1
$Server = ""
(Get-Counter -Counter "\Memory\Available MBytes" -ComputerName $Server).CounterSamples[0].CookedValue
AshFlaw / CredentialObjectOneLine.ps1
Created Jun 28, 2018
A one line command to get a full (username and password) credential object without bringing them in from variables.
View CredentialObjectOneLine.ps1
$Credential = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential 'username',(convertto-securestring 'password' -asplaintext -force)
AshFlaw / LogOffRemoteServer.ps1
Created Jun 18, 2018
Windows Server Core, closed terminal windows. Remote log off of session so next time, console will launch.
View LogOffRemoteServer.ps1
logoff /server:remote_computer_name
AshFlaw / ChangeYourADPassword.ps1
Created Jun 1, 2018
Change your AD password with PowerShell
View ChangeYourADPassword.ps1
$AccountName = ""
Set-AdAccountPassword -Identity $AccountName -OldPassword (Read-Host -asSecureString "Current password") -NewPassword (Read-Host -asSecureString "New password")
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