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//This script in the console will check all visible boxes dependent on Zone name (or any other td text)
//You will have to uncheck and check 1 box to trigger the ST logic
jQuery('td').each(function() {
if (jQuery(this).text() === 'Banner') {
jQuery(this).siblings('td').each(function() {
console.log('t', jQuery(this).children())
if (jQuery(this).children().is('input')) {
console.log(this + 'is input')
jQuery(this).children().attr('checked', true)
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//where startTime ==== new Date(timestamp);
var hours = startTime.getHours();
var minutes = startTime.getMinutes();
var amPm = hours > 11 ? 'pm' : 'am';
hours > 12 ? hours = hours - 12 : hours;
minutes < 10 ? minutes = '0' + minutes : minutes;
var display = hours + ':' + minutes + ' ' + amPm;
#for a specific mysql version:
$(brew --prefix mysql@5.7)/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p password NEWPASS
#for generic
$(brew --prefix mysql)/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p password NEWPASS
#may or may not need -p, depending on if you know the pass or not
View dynamicCarousel.js
//uses hammer.js to detect swipe and trigger next/prev buttons
//counts numbers of child items to handle carousel and add bullets in mobile view
eventSlider: function() {
var marginArray = [];
var i = 0;
var length = jQuery('.home--2-col-events--right--slider-slide').length;
//set container and child widths
'width', ((length * 100) + 1) + '%'
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- every element must be in a html tag with inline styles
- complex/responsive designs will break
- tables are best as they are supported and handle fluid layout across almost all email clients
- images and containers require html style attrs align="", width="", and height="" to keep design
- use padding instead of margin as some clients ignore margins
Outlook 2007/2013
html tags override sizes, i.e. if you want a 48px <h6> it won't work, so use tags for sizing
user's security settings will define whether or not images load
View breadcrumbs.php
* Generate Breadcrumbs
function the_breadcrumb() {
$showOnHome = 0; // 1 - show breadcrumbs on the homepage, 0 - don't show
$delimiter = ' | '; // delimiter between crumbs
$home = 'Home'; // text for the 'Home' link
$showCurrent = 1; // 1 - show current post/page title in breadcrumbs, 0 - don't show
$before = '<span class="current">'; // tag before the current crumb
#To install letsencrypt on webfaction
GEM_HOME=$HOME/.letsencrypt_webfaction/gems RUBYLIB=$GEM_HOME/lib gem2.2 install letsencrypt_webfaction
#Edit $HOME/.bash_profile to add the function below:
function letsencrypt_webfaction {
View detectSwipe.js
let touchstartX = 0;
let touchstartY = 0;
let touchendX = 0;
let touchendY = 0;
const gestureZone = document.getElementById('gestureZone');
gestureZone.addEventListener('touchstart', function(event) {
touchstartX = event.changedTouches[0].screenX;
touchstartY = event.changedTouches[0].screenY;
View carousel.js
#config ssh:
#add to instance metadata
#1. go to gcloud instance, click edit
#2. go to 'custom metadata' section, add 'enable-oslogin':TRUE
#3. click 'show and edit' under SSH key section, add the contents outputted by command 'cat ~/.ssh/' to add your public ssh key (use the outputted username as the key here ex. benfausch)
#4. go to gcloud terminal through gcloud webpage, run 'mkdir .ssh && touch .ssh/authorized_keys', then authorized_keys > "your ouputted public ssh key here"
#5. go to normal terminal, then use same username gcloud uses in browser terminal (ex benjamin_fausch_gmail), your private SSH key, and the public IP of the instance
#=>=>=>=> ssh -i id_rsa benjamin_fausch@
#6. then you can just use ssh and create an alias