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Biarity / g_2_hded
Created July 28, 2016 10:26
Godot 2.1rc1 high dpi error dump
At: drivers\png\image_loader_png.cpp:94
ERROR: _load_mem_png: Condition ' err ' is true. returned: Image()
At: drivers\png\image_loader_png.cpp:296
ERROR: _jpegd_mem_loader_func: Couldn't initialize ImageLoaderJPG with the given resource.
At: drivers\jpegd\image_loader_jpegd.cpp:133
ERROR: RasterizerGLES2::texture_set_data: Condition ' p_image.empty() ' is true.
At: drivers\gles2\rasterizer_gles2.cpp:962
ERROR: _png_error_function: PNG file corrupted by ASCII conversion
At: drivers\png\image_loader_png.cpp:60
libpng error: PNG file corrupted by ASCII conversion