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(ns progress-light.core
(:require [clj-progress.core :as progress]
[clojure.core.async :as async :refer [>!! timeout chan alt!! thread]])
(def tick-ch
(def done-ch
View rspec_context_method_override.rb
describe 'authenticated principal' do
before(:each) do
it 'should start with a new User object' do
get 'new'
assigns[:user].nil?.should == false
View gist:11679
# by Bill Burcham
# do what you want with this
# Add :host variable extraction to Dan Webb's request_routing plugin
module Propel
module MultiDomainRouting
# include this module in RouteSet after request_routing plugin is loaded
module ExtractHostParameter
def self.included( other)
other.alias_method_chain :extract_request_environment, :host
View include_scripts_for_controller.rb
class FooController < ApplicationController
before_filter :include_scripts
def include_scripts
include_tags = render_to_string( :partial => 'editor/head_elements' )
# um, see e.g. layout.rb line 254 in Rails 2.1.0. content_for variables have the form @content_for_<name>
@template.instance_variable_set("@content_for_head", include_tags )
View routes.rb
ActionController::Routing::Routes.draw do |map|
map.with_options :conditions => { :host => /^blog\$/} do | blog |
blog.connect '', :controller => 'blog', :action => 'index', :conditions => {:method => :get}
blog.connect '/post/:id', :controller=>'post', :action=>'show', :conditions => {:method => :get}
... more blog stuff
map.with_options :conditions => { :host => /^$/} do | foo |
foo.connect '', :controller => 'foo_home', :action => 'index', :conditions => {:method => :get}
View recognize_path.rb
# This is an attempt at an improved version of params_for or rspec rails. It is meant to
# support recognition of paths when the Rails environment has been extended via patches like these:
# So instead of route :conditions having only :method, they may now have other data such as :domain
def recognize_path( path, options)
if options[:host].kind_of?( Array )
result = options[:host].collect{ | h | route( path, options.merge( :host => h) ) }
View blogger_comment_block.html
<dl id='comments-block'>
<dt class='comment-author openid-comment-icon' id='c5069974981380830367'>
<a name='c5069974981380830367'></a>
<a href='' rel='nofollow'>Bill</a>
<dd class='comment-body'>
<p>testing an OpenID comment</p>
View seed-fu.rb.diff
--- vendor/plugins/seed-fu/lib/seed-fu.rb (revision 3419)
+++ vendor/plugins/seed-fu/lib/seed-fu.rb (working copy)
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
raise "You must set at least one constraint." if constraints.empty?
@constraints = []
constraints.each do |constraint|
- raise "Your constraint `#{constraint}` is not a column in #{@model_class}. Valid columns are `#{@model_class.column_names.join("`, `")}`." unless @model_class.column_names.include?(constraint.to_s)
+ raise "Your constraint `#{constraint}` is not a column in #{@model_class}. Valid columns are `#{@model_class.column_names.join("`, `")}`." unless @model_class.column_names.include?(constraint.to_s) || association = @model_class.reflect_on_association(constraint)
@constraints << constraint.to_sym
View Optimizing For Patches.rb
# BAD: = 25 = 'Hello World'
foo.bazzle = 42
# GOOD: = 25 = 'Hello World'
foo.bazzle = 42
View gist:95498
module Spec
module Rails
class ControllerContext < Rails::Context
module ContextEvalInstanceMethods
def setup_extra
(class << @controller; self; end).class_eval do
include ControllerInstanceMethods
@controller.integrate_views! if @integrate_views
@controller.session = session
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