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BrandonStiff / Export-PSCredential.ps1
Last active Apr 19, 2017
Export A PowerShell Credential
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function Export-PSCredential
Exports a credential object into an XML file or registry value with an encrypted password. An important note is that the encrypted password can ONLY be read by the user who created the exported file
unless a passphrase is provided.
.PARAMETER Credential
Specifies the Credential to export to a file. Use Get-Credential to supply this.
View Get-EncryptionKey.ps1
function Get-EncryptionKey()
Retrieves a 128/192/256-bit encryption key using the given keyphrase.
Specifies the phrase to use to create the 128-bit key.
BrandonStiff / Invoke-WindowsActivation.ps1
Last active May 1, 2017
Activate a Windows Host by Proxy
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function Invoke-WindowsActivation()
This function reaches out remotely to the specified VAMT server and activates the given machines by proxy. To run this, you must meet the following requirements:
* The ActiveDirectory module from Microsoft be installed on the machine this function runs from. Install with:
* It's assumed the machines you are dealing with are on an Active Directory domain.