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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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require_short_url: some hosts require short URLs otherwise they redirect to a forbidden page

no_rewrite_wysijap: some hosts don't work with the URL rewriting wysijap/subscription bounce_max**: by default, we handle 100 bounce emails per process, with this option you can increase or decrease this value

urlstats_base64: to deactivate base 64 links

no_js_val: no AJAX subscription

allow_no_js: with Wysija, you can register with or without JavaScript. This option deactivates the JavaScript-less option which can be used by spammers

params_forbidden: some servers throw a 403 when 'stats' is detected in the URL. This is the parameter to solve that. Example: array('params_forbidden'=>array('controller'=>array('stats'=>'stat')))

relative_ajax: values(absolute,relative) this option changes the ajaxurl in the frontend

email_cyrillic: done for Russian users, this parameter softens the server side validation for Cyrillic email domain names

queue_try: number of tries before an email is removed from the queue after failures

nocurl: perform the license check with JavaScript only

allow_wpmail: make this sending method available in the settings (below phpmail and sendmail)

urlstats_base64: set it to false so that links are a bit shorter

speed_no_count: for large databases, the count request may slow down the subscribers listing so we have the option to disable those counts until we optimize the db

smtp_keepalive: by default the keep alive is on, this option allows us to turn it off if needed

subscribed_title: removed option title on the confirmation page

subscribed_subtitle: removed option content on the confirmation page

interp_shortcode: interpret all shortcodes within the newsletter rendering

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