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Created August 20, 2020 01:43
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/** Imprime uma tabela alinhando a primeira coluna à esquerda e a segunda
coluna à direita, respeitando o tamanho do maior campo da primeira coluna.
void printf_string_align_variable_size()
struct GitBranches branches[2];
char* cr;
size_t len1, len2, maxlen;
printf("master branch: ");
fgets(branches[0].name, sizeof(branches[0].name), stdin);
if (cr = strrchr(branches[0].name, '\n'))
*cr = 0;
printf("number of commits: ");
scanf("%d", &branches[0].commits);
len1 = strlen(branches[0].name);
printf("slave branch: ");
fgets(branches[1].name, sizeof(branches[1].name), stdin);
if (cr = strrchr(branches[1].name, '\n'))
*cr = 0;
printf("number of commits: ");
scanf("%d", &branches[1].commits);
len2 = strlen(branches[1].name);
maxlen = max(len1, len2);
printf("\n%-*s %s\n", maxlen, "branches", "commits");
printf("%-*s %d\n", maxlen, branches[0].name, branches[0].commits);
printf("%-*s %d\n", maxlen, branches[1].name, branches[1].commits);
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